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With A Woman 'Strong' Comes Attached

by Nupur
(Saharanpur, India)

Asked by all, of her sequestered daring
Of how she is consummated
In the gleams of her tranquil sailing,
Her locks augmenting
Like continuous rain
Her face fabricated with soothe
Like coldness of a morning dew.

Eulogized by all, of her charms mixed
With cheer like wait of a sunset drop.
Her hands open to offer more than kgs she can hold,
Her voice sharp enough
To shush shush shush
Every voice in the kilometres across.

Everywhere she goes, she expands
But no eyes unbolted enough
To enquire what she daringly veils
In her sad mysterious eyes.
Her life, a locked repetitive song
She plays daily, she plays daily.

In the hours
of daylight-
Near the end of every road’s path,
Near the offices, near the stations,
Near the buzz of nation’s revolting hours.

Blazes of individualities voicing to unite paths
Of humanity, of a world which is free
Sets eyes to a woman of 21st century’s time
Who speaks, who writes, who revolts
Who knows, who supports, who comprehends all.

She is a woman of today,
She sees everything,
Protects justified tiles of life
For all, by all humanity.

Even the wounds of mob, she bears all,
The voice from her voice –box
Doesn’t shy to meet her required choice
Of standing with all
To protect the erosion of her land’s soil.

Her hands do not tire
With another life in her hands which
She feeds, she keeps close to her heart’s breeze
With pen in another hand.

To the pat of rest to her child’s back.
Without any sway
She does, she does and she does
Where her gestures portray –
With a woman- strong comes attached.


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Jan 07, 2021
This is really beautiful🌸
by: Your Name: somiran

You potraited this soo beautiful nupur , the best I guess in terms of feeling the words💫❤️

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