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by Suyash Saxena
(New Delhi, India)

Into what abyss
did I fall?
That a dim, dark pall
Now me enshrouds.
And all that I see,
And all that I feel
Are numb shadows
And layers of despondent darkness.

Is this a vision,
Or a dreary dream?
For none I see;
But a faint, bleak horizon
At the yonder end there,
And a gloomy darkness here.

These are Woods, I feel,
Dark, dense and deep,
For I see the woody trees
Amidst darkness,
As the darker streaks-
Crisscrossing before my eyes;
As the interwoven floor,
Of the heaven’s above;
As the interknitted rug,
That now me enwraps.

Woods stretch endlessly,
For there is nothing beyond;
Woods never fade,
For there is nothing without;
Woods never die,
For that is all to my world

The Woods
Is my nostalgia.


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