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Worthy of You

by Hassan Noor Mahomed
(Durban, South Africa)

There are songs of stars and pictures of worlds
Far afar , there is music and dreams
and all the confessions the heart would sing
Testaments of lovers and the one they love
An expression , a feeling ,the meaning
Reasons for breathing

Today I find myself in that place
A poet ,a writer , Artist hoping to know
a Flower

I ask What is meant to be
Worthy of you , how do I express the
Feeling of you
Could I tell you of you
And the sweet Kiss of heaven as I look upon
Your face
The warmth as I feel forever in
Your embrace
The reason for time as I see
my Eternity in your eye’s
My endless smile as I see the world
trough your eyes

A million words I could choose , to describe
the Mystery that is you ,
The beauty that is you , The desire ,the fire
The strength of you

All the things that have me lost in you
The memory , the breath , the knowing
Of you

Of all these words I could choose,
All the wants , and all that could deem me
Worthy of you
Few words could take this place
Bring that smile to your face
Words endless yet new
I am worthy ,because
I love you


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Nov 13, 2015
by: Amira

Its a truly magical piece of writing , just flows

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