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Yes, I am a woman.

by Prachee Dash
(Noida, India)

Yes, I am a woman.
I am the title
Peeking from behind an ornate veil-
Woven with syllables
I am the spaces
Between the words
But still
Somehow full.
I am the scribbled letters
On the margins
Of your diaries,
I am a mellifluous lullaby
Which makes your eyelids droop.
I am the stitches
On your wound,
The muse
Of the Italian artist,
The soaring kites
In the firmament.
I am the name
That you utter
Each and every day,
I am the metaphor
Behind a deeper meaning.
I am the Ghazal
Playing on your grandfather’s gramophone
Echoing in the living room,
I am the trembling fingers
On the typewriter
Of the poet
Typing this poem.

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