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You are not alone

by Poojary Sushmita Shiva
(Udupi, Karnataka, India)

Life is a journey with number of ups and downs. We are taught lessons of life at every stage of our life. In the journey of life we meet many strangers who become good friends and some good friends later turn to be strangers.

Life is very short to do lot of things so dream big and also work hard to make the dreams come true. Dreaming is a stepping stone for achieving our goal. So dream in a way which you can achieve with clear-cut plan and good ideas.

Have someone in your life whom you trust and assure the fullest. Talk to such person whole heartedly. Speak up to them, tell them what you like and what you don't, tell them your mistakes your happiness your achievements.

Having someone who supports you in all your needs is a blessing so try not to lose them if you have someone of such kind in your life.

God always sends you with something speciality within you. Just like not everyone looks the same, everyone will have their own talent hidden.

So dream big and make the hidden talent come out of you. You are never alone to achieve it. There comes a right time for everything and also right person comes by the way of stranger at right time.


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Sep 03, 2023
Yes. Dear sush
by: Your Name: Shwetha Kumari

Very nice sush..... All the best dear..

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