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Zara's short life

by Rashmi
(Pune, India)

As I was looking at the kettle, which was boiling with water vapors pouring out of teakettle like white smoke evaporating in the air and vanishing in thin air, a thought struck me. What if I were to live a life of the frog which transforms itself in a prince after being kissed by the beautiful princess and then live happily ever after in pursuit of peace and happiness, I shall have to imbibe major change in form and structure of living I do. I will have to transcend the world in which is am living and start afresh with new paradigms and new rules framed to give me the kind if life which only lords deliver, were the thought of the master of the scientific living which was the most revered art of the forgone years. The art has vanished but the visage of this art is held by practitioners who rarely comes with the bygone era of art which has not got many takers.

Zara was the quintessential girl of eleven years old full of live and livid dreams of becoming a grand sportsperson some day. She had beautiful curls which rolled down her cheek s to reveal a beautiful face which anyone could name saying and believing that the she was the most beautiful creation of the worlds; a world which does not always provide symmetry in the forms framed by mankind. Zara was the only girl in her neighborhood who was haunted by the past of much of neglect and debility. As the things goes,her patents were unable blokes and could not get the girl a good background. It was the richness and the succor of her nature that she had and which seldom a girl of her age would posses.

Zara as one darling daughter of her grandmother who had crisscross of lines across her face suggesting tightrope age in which she was and Zara would be very surprised at the alertness dexterity that she had. Zara would proceed in the life astoundingly and given the fact that she was living in a cocoon world of hers, this very nature that she posses was looked with discern and admiration by one and all. Zara could do wonders with badmintons and that required a traditional approach. She had very wonderful maneuvering of the racquet and which made her go with steel of nerves whenever she had to practice the badminton match with boys of her age.

Zara was a wonder kid and girl of astute courage. The girl with golden handshake and very ever resent smile on her face always. The girl who swatted the badminton court with spark like divinity and would move her hand in sudden gyration producing astounding results.

As life went by each day would bring challenges for Zara while she would trail with nimble and firm determination to prove that she was not deterred by her horrific past but
was made stronger by the tribulations that her parents had put her into after going through the phase which many find difficult to swallow. But Zara was made of different mettle. She had the courage that was that of heroine and her grandmother the marvel of her times who was equally mature and very convalescent in outlook towards life that she made Zara to be able to realize her dreams with even more steel like thought which certainly outshined the ones with nimble belongings and humble beginnings.

Zara was helped by dollops of offerings from her grandmother. Two were inseparable and two would spend time together in dreams of good future filled with ever increasing laughter and mirth.

Life goes on even if there are rushes of crests and troughs and sine curve which the life represents, even if goes toward the infinite zero symbolizing downfall offers some reminders to us that the ultimate creator is god and it is He who does the enormous job of slaughter and creation of lives and that we as humans have little say in its manifestation. So Zara swayed with the life a filled with confidence.

Little did she realize that life is not always the flowery of its kind and there are fits of those very undeserving moments too which life takes toll of. Zara was unaware that life too had scary story to tell the story which would dismantle her life and would throw her on ground in a jiffy exposing the blood and swampy wounds which would be destabilizing to her.

On the day Zara was playing suddenly a rush of wind came and she was swept aside by the rainfall which accompanied the wind. The hurricane which was just the beginning was enough to out power her and soon she was completely swept by the tropical rainfall.Zara was swept by the sudden enrage of rainfall and she was just lying ashore on the land that had evoked such barbaric havoc of nature in its time. Zara would not know what to do. She just lay on the ground still unable to move even her limbs freely aching in pain and lying on her head down on the ground to be rescued by the rescue team which seldom comes.

Zara had only known that her dreams of becoming the world champions would come washing down with ever reverberating storm in which she has embroiled into. Little did she know after that something else would unfold. Fate had planned something which she never had dreamt before. Just as the storm had arisen and hurricane corroding everything on earth arising in ninety degree angle her parents had reconciled and they had agreed to let Zara live her dreams. Her parents had a bickering fight. But the fight had a silver lining in the sense that they had agreed to keep Zara with them and to make Zara’s life a happy one.

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Aug 06, 2012
Your story
by: Sneha

I wish the story had a tighter structure and more descriptions. It also needs some heavy editing. Try using more adjectives and use shorter, but descriptive sentences. Do write more, Rashmi.

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