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5 Short Poems

by Prahelika Sen
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

A Memorable Year

The year 2020......knocked our doors,
With hundred of new desires;
But ultimately drowning us,
Into the waves of a disaster.

Seeking the life of millions,
It never hanged undisturbed though;
Isolating the children from schools,
It latched the whole world indoors.

Grabbing the job of thousands,
It turned those mobs homeless;
Still it exhibited the fierce move,
And pursue to carry all round its way.

Though the year is at the end of its track,
And will stick into our hearts forever;
Still it taught us abundant deeds,
Which may not be erased ever.

My Words

Woman though retains no value,
All through her quotidian life;
For she knows to abide her pains,
Earning no gains.

Her life is at the stake of danger,
Still she conveys her pain with anger;
Knowing the chances of being ‘raped’,
Conveying her life without being afraid.

Her beauty captivates the other men,
Her organs could easily be touched;
Still she tolerates her pain silently,
Because she knows to endure with it strongly.

Words of protests stands all around,
Banners and candle march everywhere round;
Is it just a mercy or a necessity?
The question thou still can’t answer.

The Marching Ants

There they work those mini creatures,
Absorbed in piling up the food throughout;
Some are red and some are black,
And work by neglecting the other facts.

They are the colony of little ants,
Gliding through the indoors and outdoors;
They work and whisper throughout the way,
Leaving me in wonder, how they reside together without any bay.

Their life is not an easy though,
As they struggle during the summers with no pause;
But during winters you could find them nowhere,
Because they rest soundly with their own wares.

A Lifeless House

Beside those premises there stalls a desolate house,
I wonder how the owner would have purchased it out;
The house though rest unused throughout the days,
Shadowed by the thickets that have crammed its way

It features so ugly as it could be,
With the branches resting blindly on it;
The doors and windows that are hooked up,
With no sunrays piercing to light it at first.

The owner though rarely comes for a visit,
I wonder what he has to detect inside it;
The curious trespassers who pass along its way,
Gasping and wondering how nasty it remain its place.


Missing the Days

The indelible days elapsed in a school,
Rests in our mind though;
Gossiping throughout the day,
And facing such amusements in a messy way.

The little ones are now missing their days,
With no other friends to chatter;
Glancing at the windows throughout,
And eagerly awaiting to move out.

Though every minutes have changed now,
With classes being gripped online;
The young masses are missing their classrooms,
Leaving the humorous memories behind.


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