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A Dad's Wish Come True

by Maya Bhat
(Ujire, Karnataka, India)

Prabhakar’s eyes were still on the Helicopter. That was the biggest toy in that Toy House. His heart wept like anything thinking of his helplessness to buy that Helicopter. He was about to cry. Suddenly his boss called him to his cabin….

Prabhakar worked as a sales man in a toy shop in Dubai. Like an ordinary father he wanted to gift his son Mohit the most wonderful toy on his upcoming birthday. There was only one day left for Mohit’s fifth year birthday. Mohit was such a cute child who always loved to play with flying toys.

Prabhakar was called inside to collect his salary for that month. Since it was the month of December he was given an extra amount as bonus for the month. His boss also invited him with his family to attend the Christmas party to be held at his house after a day.

He counted his salary plus bonus package. Still he did not find it enough to buy the Helicopter for his boy. His salary was well enough only to cover the necessary expenses for the month. Affording something above that was not a choice for him. Whenever he got extra money he used to send it to his parents who lived in Gujarat.

They decided to give a visit to Mr.Abraham’s house (boss) and planned to buy a small cake for Mohit while returning home after the party.

The Christmas party was a wonderful experience for them. All his colleagues with their family attended the function. Suddenly they had an announcement from their boss. They were asked to gather in the centre of the hall.

Abraham’s Toy House had made a great profit that year and the number of customers were increased three times than that of last year. According to him that was all because of the ability of his sales staffs. He wanted to honour his best sales staff for his commitment and loyalty towards the work on that particular occasion.

Everyone were eager to hear the name of that lucky sales staff. And for the greatest surprise it was none other than our Prabhakar. The party became colourful on the announcement..

Prabhakar was invited on the stage. He got a memento in the name of Toy house from his boss. The Christmas Party had a happy ending. Everyone returned home happily.

Now it was time for Mohit’s birthday celebration. The cake was ready on the table. But Mohit was more excited to open his father’s memento first. The boy opened the gift. He jumped to see a big Helicopter toy inside that.

His boss had noticed his feelings over that Helicopter and he very well knew that it was not affordable to him with his small salary.

Prabhakar had no words to express his joy. He enjoyed that moment to be a proud father ever..


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Jul 27, 2015
by: Pallavi

I liked the way you captured emotions. Stories need not always have a twist. It all depends on the way you present it. IMHO , its nicely written.

Mar 05, 2015
by: sharada


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