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A Great Nightmare

(A story for teenagers by a teenager)
By Bhavya Vimal, Cochin

Chapter 1 - Mary's Nightmare

“Mom! Where are you? I was calling you for a long time ......” Mary called out.

“Yes coming my child? What’s your matter buddy”, announced mom. She went to see what Mary’s problem is. When she entered the room, she was STUNNED to see a palace painting she had painted in a large sheet of paper. Suddenly, the door bell rang in the down stairs. Mom went to see who it was. She was surprised to see Monisha, my aunt; she gave me so many varieties of cookies and fancy items. I went to my room to take my palace painting to show to my aunt. When I enter my room to take my picture I saw that it has been spread with blue paint. When I came near the picture, I saw that it was spreading of its OWN!!!! I took a roll of tissue to absorb it. But unfortunately it did not absorb the blue paint. The paint fell on the floor. To my surprise, a mat in the floor absorbed the paint so quickly that the paint in the floor vanished away.

I told the entire incident to my mother. She was laughing with counterfeited glee. I turned to see my aunt’s reaction. Ha! Here it is!! She was tired of laughing!

I went to my room to see the next mischief that happens to my painting. Ah! There it is its missing!!!!!!

Chapter 2 - Extraordinary Painting

I searched all over the room even beneath the bed.

Its evening now, call came from downstairs for dinner. I went downstairs and asked angrily_ “what’s for dinner; I don’t want spaghetti, sausage_.” I shouted at my mom, without controlling my anger.

“What happened to my child? Why are you so angry? What did I do to you?” Mom asked.

“You did not do anything to me mom. It‘s only the picture.” I complained, quite sadly.

“What did the picture do to you? Is that torn or something?” Asked mom doubtfully.

“No mom it is missing. I don’t know where it is. I kept it in my study table but now it is not there.” I explained sadly.

“What foolishness are you telling? You kept it in the table and now it’s missing. Ah! What a truthfulness”, said mom.

“Oh! Ma please believe me I searched all over my room but it is not there...........” I told her once again.

“One thing I believe is that you have hidden the picture and saying some unnecessary stories”, said mom.

Next day I went to my friend’s house, and narrated the all story to Fenny. She also took it in a funny way, but she told me an excellent idea. She said- “draw the same palace picture and observe it so that we can see know how it is gona be missing!!!!”

I went to my room and painted the same picture and kept it in my study table. Fenny was also with me. She told she wanted to see how the picture becoming automatically invisible!!!

She said, “If the paint is spreading of its own, it means that the paint is not an ordinary paint it is an extraordinary one........ In the same way if the picture has got some mischief in it, it is only the picture’s problem.”

We observed it for some time when we heard a CHICK... CHICK...sound coming from the study table. We observed the picture carefully. To my surprise the picture was tearing it of its own! We managed to put some papers on top of the picture, but the picture tore off.

So now we understood that it is not the picture’s problem. So we started to think of another plan. At last I got an idea. I actually copy the picture from an informative book about the palaces, monuments, forts. I took the book and started to look for this particular palace. I found it and started to read. It said that the palace was ruined by the tribal kingdom 200 years ago. It also said that the tribal chief had killed the princess of that palace for wealth _ after 3 days the tribal chief and his men died with an unknown reason. In the end of the page it is written in bold letters that_ THOSE WHO LOVE THE PRINCESS’S PALACE WILL NOT BE THERE IN THE WORLD FOREVER, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Thank god, the picture was torn otherwise I would have been torn!” I assured.

“What are you saying? I can‘t understand anything? What is the matter?”Announced Fenny. I narrated everything that was written in the book. “But now I am worrying about the first picture that I had painted. I am sure that the picture is somewhere in my house.” I concluded, worriedly.

I read the next page of the book which gave more details about the palace. It is said that the tribal people killed the princess and her body was cut into small pieces, and was buried under one of the palace tile. Under this page it is written that “THE EVIDENCE OF THE PALACE IS STILL THERE EVEN THE PARTICULAR TILE.” “Fenny what we will do with the first picture? Anyway it is not there in my room, so where could it be? We should find it out otherwise the problem will become quite serious”_ warned Fenny. She became very afraid, but it is time for her to go home.

I was afraid of the torn pieces of the second palace painting. I took the torn pieces and put it in the dustbin.

Chapter 3 - Palace Tile

I woke up when the door bell rang. It was Fenny. She came to my room and said eagerly_ “Hey! Please open the door I found the palace marked in the map it’s just 5 kilometres from here.”

I jumped from the bed and open the door. Fenny came inside and show me the map. Now we started to plan to go to the palace.

“But how we will go there?” I asked doubtfully.

“It is not a problem, I am having my old motorbike with me, but one condition our parents should not know that we are going to the palace because I am sure that they will not allow us to go there.” said Fenny.

“Thank god! So tomorrow we can have a great journey!!!!!But what we will say to our parents? I don’t have any idea.” I asked Fenny, quite eagerly.

“But I have an idea, we can say that we are interested in a summer camp and it is just 5 kilometres from here”, said Fenny.

Next day I woke up early in the morning. I told to my mom about the summer camp. She told- “wow!!!!! Good job take care, don’t mingle with bad girls and don’t do any mischief”.

I was so happy. I went to my room and called Fenny. She told me that her mother also allowed her to go for the summer camp. We took some snacks with us. I went to Fenny’s house; she was also ready to go.

Fenny somewhat knew the way to the palace. If she has any doubt she would ask to someone in the road. At last we reach the place. It’s quite dense but we can see the evidence of the palace. We saw so many broken golden coloured pots. Two or three broken frames and some decorative items. At last we saw some tiles in the ground. But we can’t even touch because it is written DONT TOUCH on top of it. ‘Oh! I forgot that we are in museum’, said Fenny. So what we will do, I think we can ask permission to the museum officer whether we can just investigate under the tiles!!!!! We went to the museum officer and asked about it. He told “Hm! I should think about it................”

At last he said, you can do anything under the tiles but we should pay some amount. “So how much should we pay for you?” We asked very eagerly.

“Just 20 dollars!!” he said.

“What I can’t believe it!! 20 dollars, from where we will give you the money?” I asked him astonished.

“Ok then if you don’t give me the money, you don’t have the right to explore the tiles”, said the museum officer sternly.

We discussed about it for some time and at last Fenny said, “ok agreed. First I will give 10 dollars and tomorrow I will give you the next 10.”

He agreed. We tried to lift the tile first, but it did not lifted up an inch. We tried again and the tile lifted up with a CRACKY sound. The place where the tile was kept has black brown sand. But near this lifted tile there is 4 or 5 tile for lifting. We lifted them also. Now everything is lifted up. The place where the tiles are placed has black brown colour sand, except one place. It has the sand that we see in our house. “I think we can dig in this place”, I said to Fenny thoughtfully. “Yes I also thought about that now”, said Fenny.

So we started to dig a deep pit. After we dig the deep pit, we saw that the shovel is not digging anymore. It is just hitting on a hard object. I just tapped of the sand on top of the hard object. To my surprise, I saw that it is a large box.

“Oh! My god we can’t take this box out of the pit, it’s too heavy, and I think it is more than 5 metre long and more than 25kilogram!!” I exclaimed at Fenny.

“I think we should ask help from the museum officer.” Fenny said.

“Hey! What box did you find after digging under the tile, are you joking or are you going to do something to put me inside the pit? If you are going to do such mischief, I am going to do some immediate action and I will call the police”, said the museum officer breathing very hardly.

And we gave the inhaler!!!! “Mr. Officer, now listen, today we even rescue you from death, so please help us to take up the box.” Fenny told politely. He ordered a man to bring the crane to the place. There was a loud noise when he brought the crane. He operated the crane, and at last the box was on top of the ground.

We went near the box and looked, whether the box is locked or not. “Oh! My god it is not locked!!” I screamed.

We opened the box with loud CRACKY sound. We thought there would be a princess body or something but we found some white clothes with golden handworks in it. At last we found a large diamond stone and a small piece of paper. We took the paper to see what is written in it. “Oh! My god I_ _ I can’t read it, it is written in some other language”, said Fenny so sadly. The museum officer took the paper from Fenny’s hand to see what it is written and said_ I think I can read this somewhat because the language is Danish and I was in Denmark for 2 years. Oh! Please read it fast it is going to be dark now, we wanted to go before that. He read it of his own in a murmuring way, and then he translated the note and said “it is said that the white clothes should be buried adjacent to the Berad Robert’s tomb”.

“So who is Berad Robert? Is it written in the paper?” I asked him eagerly. “Yes, it is the Prince”, said the officer. “Where would be the tomb then?” asked Fenny. “Is it written in the paper?” I asked, by continuing with Fenny. “No”, said the officer. “Oh! I forgot to say one main thing written in this.” He spoke out again. “Yes tell me what is it?” We asked together. “It is said that the earlier you burry it, it is good for you, if not it will become a serious problem and even YOU WILL LOSE SOMEONE FROM YOUR FAMILY........................” he read out.

“Oh! My god from where will we find the tomb.” Mr. Officer please be with us for help, ok. “Yes of course, now I am quite interested in it”, said the officer. He also said - “if you want to get some information about the tomb, tomorrow we can go to the nearby monasteries, convents and even ask about it to the historians!!!”  

Chapter 4 - The Tomb

Next day Fenny came to my house with her motorbike to pick me up to the museum officer’s house. “So do you know where the officer’s house is?” I asked doubtfully.

“Yes, yesterday I asked him about his phone number and location”, said Fenny smartly.

We started to go to the museum officer’s house when my mother called me and asked- “hey where are you going, where are you going so hurriedly”.

“Mom yesterday I told you about the camp, we are quite late today, that is why we are going in a hurry.” I told her. “But yesterday you went at 5 ‘o clock and today why are you going so early?” she questioned again.

“A_ A_ mom today we have to register our name and the registering time is 10 am and now it is 11am!!”I told her in a hurry.

We went to the museum officer’s house and knocked the door. A lady opened the door and asked to us- “who are you, what do you want?”

“We wanted to see the museum officer.” We told together.

“Ok I will call Stephen,” said the lady and went inside.

“Oh! The officer’s name is Stephen,” said Fenny.

After sometime the lady came and said -“children Stephen is calling you, he told he wanted to discuss some important matter with you”. We went inside the house to meet Stephen. When we went inside his room, we saw that, he was in his bed!!!! “Hey! Stephen you are not even ready to go to the monastery,” Fenny asked angrily.

Stephen said- “Oh! My child yesterday, at evening I went to one of the monastery nearby and I went inside to see whether the Father is free or not. To my luck he was free! I asked him about the princess, and her relation with palace. Father asked me whether I knew who killed the princess.” So I replied- “Yes Father, the tribal chief killed the princess, I said.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! What foolishness are you saying, no tribal chiefs had killed the princess, said the Father.”

“So, Father who had killed the princess, do you know him?” I asked.

“Yes, I know him. So do you know who the princess’s husband was? I mean the prince?” Father asked.

“Yes I know him, his name is Berad Robert,” I said.

“So you already knew the main killer of the princess,” said the Father.

“Father what did you mean?” I asked.

“Yes prince Berad Robert is the killer”, said the Father.

“So why is it said that we should burry the white clothes near his tomb otherwise they will take someone from our family,” I asked.

“Oh! It is because, if you did not burry the clothes and the stone, the soul will not go from this universe.” Father proclaimed.

“What do you mean by it?” I asked.

“Actually there is no tomb [Berad Robert’s tomb] in none of the graveyard, but yes it is there but nobody’s body in the tomb of Berad Robert. There is only a diamond stone in the tomb,” said the Father.

“So what should I do Father,” I asked.

“You should burry the stone and the white clothes adjacent to the tomb,” said the Father.

“Then what would be the result of it? Do you know that Father?”I asked worriedly.

“The white clothes and the stones have more power than the stone inside the tomb so it will destroy it.” Then the soul will vanish off leaving behind you all safely!!!!!” he concluded.

“Oh! Thank you Father for giving me this information.” I thanked him. “Stephen what will we do today?” Fenny asked.

“Today we can go to the nearby graveyard and search for the tomb,” he said.

We came to the graveyard and started to search for the tomb. At last we found the tomb. It is written “RIP BERAD ROBERT DIED 200BC”. On the side of it there is a column. There, we all started to dig, and made a large pit. We inserted the white clothes and the stone inside the pit.

“There it is, now if you want to see the battle between this diamond and the other diamond stone inside the tomb, please lift up the slab and watch out!!!” said Stephen.

We started to lift the slab up when we heard a CRACKY sound from inside the tomb. We almost lifted up the slab. Inside the tomb we saw that the diamond stone was shaking. “Oh! My god! Look at that!!!! Some power is moving to the other stone and some other power is moving from this stone to the other”, said Fenny observantly.

And at last the stone inside the tomb blast off. “Now the soul of the prince Berad blasted off!!!!!!” said Stephen. “Tomorrow we all can go to the monastery and we can tell this to the Father.”

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