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A Great Nightmare-continued..

by Bhavya Vimal
(Cochin, Kerala)

Continued from page 1

Chapter 5- Again the Presence of Soul

Next day we went to see the Father, whether he is alive, or not. We went to the entrance of the monastery and rang the bell. No one opened the door. Then we noticed that the door was already opened, and went inside. We went straight away inside his room, but could not find him. At last we search all over the monastery and did not find him. At last Stephen said- “We can go to the graveyard and search for the princess tomb”.

We found it and lift the slab up. We were shocked to find some worms feeding on someone’s dead body. “Hey! Is that the Father’s body? I asked.

“No I am sure it is not the Father’s dead body because he used to put only white coloured dress. But in this body, the dress colour is blue”, said Stephen.

Suddenly someone pushed me into the tomb. And I turned to see who it was, and saw the Father in a cruel face. “Hey! You, you scared me so much. Where were you? We were searching you for a long time,” I asked.

Father replied, “What? What did you called me, Father? I am not Father or something”.

With a giggle he changed his form and said- “I am the princess who you are trying to kill.”

“Hey! Where is the Father,” Fenny asked.

Princess said- “There is the Father can’t you see him, pointing towards the tomb.”

“But he used to put white dress only,” I said, frightened.

“I took the dress from Stephen, and one thing I want to say is that, Stephen is my best friend, and Stephen helped me to kill the Father,” said the princess with a giggle.

We stared at Stephen for a long time. At last Fenny asked with anger_ “why did you cheat us and why did you kill the Father. Give me the answer fast.”
But he didn’t said anything. Fenny went near him in anger and said something very angrily that I did not hear, and then Fenny beat him. But accidentally he fell inside the tomb and Fenny closed the tomb. I was shocked to see this all. And then I noticed that the atmosphere changed only around the graveyard. Then the princess appeared once more and said_ you killed me isn’t it now I am going good bye, and it went leaving behind some ashes. Know everything is ok but we lost our Father.

Chapter 6 - Again it comes.....

I wake up with a shock. “Hum! What a dream it was, a palace painting, palace evidence, Stephen, the princess, tomb......................... was it real, no I don’t think so. Then what was that Father, he was dead and all, oh! It’s just a dream!!!!!” I told myself.

“Hello marry it is time for breakfast.” Mom called from downstairs.

I went downstairs thinking about the great nightmare that I had seen this day. “Oh! What a nightmare, will dream becomes true, mom?” I asked.

“No, not at all,” she said.

Now I felt quite calm because it will not happen in my real life!!!!!! Mom came from inside the kitchen and gave me my favourite plate full of ham pie, it is quite delicious. And she also gave me my favourite lemonade, chicken salad and a bar of chocolates. I was quite happy with it. After I had my breakfast I went to my room to take a palace painting that I had kept for drying the paint. But it is missing. Last night I kept it in my study table but now it is missing. I searched all over the room but could not find it. So I drawn another palace picture and kept it for drying. I observed the picture for some time and then I saw that the picture is tearing of its own. I was shocked to see this, and then I thought of the dream. In that dream I saw the same symptoms. I went to read the book that gave the information about the palace. I read everything in that book and noticed that it is the same thing that was written in my dream, and also in it, that I saw today. Under the book it was also written that “THOSE WHO LOVE THE PRINCESS PALACE WILL NOT BE THERE IN THE WORLD FOREVER, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! So I called Fenny and told the all story. She came to my house and we started to go to the museum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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Jun 25, 2012
by: aiswarya

Continue writing ponnu!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 14, 2012
by: jaya


Jun 03, 2012
by: Deepa

My dear, great job.....keep on writing....really talented .........expecting more from you....all the best .....

May 25, 2012
by: mm

Story is interesting and good.

May 23, 2012
by: puppy

A good job.

May 22, 2012
future writer...
by: Anupama

Good Story dear....All the best for ur future.God bless u.

May 21, 2012
superb and excellent horror story
by: Bindhu

really super and excellent. keep up ur talents. try to write more stories. wish u all the best.

May 20, 2012
by: indu

hey !! the story was very good .i liked it a lot try putting more stories .

May 20, 2012
by: danya

its awesomly scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

here , see i am having GOOSEBUMPS!

May 11, 2012
Your story
by: SS

Dear, I think you need to work on the stylistics of writing. The manner here seems confusing and haphazard. I'm sure you have the potential and will do well. I guess you can be more careful with your punctuations even. Keep writing though, never give up.

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