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A Noble Dawn - continued....

by Dr. Ruchi Prasad
(New Delhi, India)

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Somebody from outside asked her to move the knob, other one insisted to break the door itself, another one suggested to call police. Suddenly, a high-pitched voice dominated the gathering, “Wait, I’ve brought tools to break the knob of the door.”

After tiresome effort for half an hour, the knob was broken and Priya came out of the wash room. She again took a deep breath and thanked one and all for the help. It was then 10.45 am. Without being distressed by the recent incidence, she hurriedly rushed through the pedestrian towards the place of interview.

Her steps were bit longer and faster. She was about to come outside of metro station, suddenly, she didn’t notice that her next step was just about to fall on a tile which was half broken. She couldn’t restrain herself from another unhealthy incidence and fell down being unbalanced. Her leg got sprained. She whispered, “Oh! No…today is not okay for me.” Despite all these incidences, at that time, she had focused her attention on the interview similar way as eye of the fish was only seen to great Arjuna! Hence, she was managing everything like a sportsman spirit. Somehow she managed to call a rickshaw and reached the corporate office.

The corporate office had a big gate, well protected by a security guard. Seeing her, the guard asked her to show the photo identity card which she had. She was allowed to enter.
She went inside. The entrance lobby was full of incumbents; just like a crowd gathered to book tickets at the railway tatkal counter. There was a long queue of candidates, registered themselves and waiting since long for their turn.

Priya approached the receptionist, apprised to her the purpose. The receptionist demanded a hard copy of the resume which she didn’t carry with her as the consultant never told her to carry.

Resume was mandatory and she had no other option then to rush to a cyber café and get a copy printed from her smart phone by logging in to gmail account.

The hard copy of the resume was submitted at the counter. After a long patient wait of half an hour, she got a call and went inside. Three four people were there in selection board.
They asked. “Ma’am basically you’re an academician with doctorate degree, why’re you looking for such private job?”
She explained very convincingly, “I’ve worked in various capacities like school teacher, lecturer and nutritionist in a UNICEF funded project and delivered best in all these capacities. But, due to my
husband’s transfer to various places, and my children being small, I’ve to leave all these jobs, otherwise I could have continued in the job without break. But, I’ve full confidence that with varied experience and academic attainments I can contribute the best for the organization.”

The Board further asked, “What was your last CTC?”

“When I was working 3 years back before coming to Delhi, it was 30K+.” She said.
They said, “Okay…fine, how much time you’ll need if selected?”
She said, “2 weeks…”

They further said, “Actually, we’re in search of a Nutritionist having at least one year clinical experience.”

She explained, “It will hardly take one week to acclimatize myself with clinical practices…”

The Board members smiled pleasingly to her reply, thanked her for the interview and said, “Priya, we’ll inform you the result in due course.”

The interview was over. Priya was unable to make out what went wrong with her. She was meeting all requirements and the company had an urgent requirement for Nutritionist. Moreover, she was the most qualified, experienced and worthy among all candidates which was pointed out by the receptionist after seeing her hard copy of resume.

Priya has never surrendered herself in any adverse circumstances; she has always kept her confidence at apex, and her willpower high.
She came out from the office premises, nearing towards the metro station sector 16 to catch the metro. Sweet and sour events of the day were flashing in her mind. She was recollecting the enjoyable droplets of rain, frightening tense moments in washroom, unbalanced fall by the broken tile and subsequent sprain in the leg and the interesting interview session.

She changed her next metro of Badarpur at Mandi House. She heard the announcement “The next station is Jawaharlal Neheru Stadium Metro Station,” where she was supposed to get down.

She got down from the metro and coming out of metro station through escalator. She was not at all depressed by the outcome of the entire day’s exercise, but all of a sudden as she was nearing towards her residence, tears rolled out from her eyes; probably she was estimating the final result may be a big zero!

She was about to reach her residence at PVH, her smart phone rang with an unknown number, “tring…tring…”
“Hello!” she responded casually.
“Hello Dr. Priya, Congratulations! You’re selected for the post of Nutritionist.” it was a call from the company.

Priya was just amazed! And all her pains, her tiredness vanished in a moment. With a big smile she opened the door with new hopes and new zeal…


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Sep 05, 2015
Good story
by: manasavi

Nice story.Every woman who has sacrificed her career due to family responsibilties can connect herself to priya.keep it up.

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