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A Noble Dawn

By Dr. Ruchi Prasad

Priya is highly educated, qualified and already rendered services to various jobs whenever offered the opportunities. Her husband Amit is senior officer in Government of India and his job is transferable, hence she has to adjust herself according to her husband’s transfer to new places. In the process, she has joined and resigned many jobs. Like any Indian women, her priority has always been the family and pursuing job is just secondary.

Women have to sacrifice many things from the day they open their eyes in this world. Happiness of their family gives them satisfaction, pleasure and enough solace.

Good times pass very fast in contrast to bad time. Speed of time is hardly noticed by humans when things are all fine with them. Many years have rolled on after marriage. Kids have grown up. They have moved from kindergarten to high school. Now, a stage has come when they can manage many of their activities by their own. Son is in class VIII and daughter is in class IV. Now, they have developed their own choices, engagements and fun; hardly involve her in their time pass activities. Earlier, it was not so, when they were small, Priya had  to fully devote her time in engaging them in activities. She had to tell stories, play with them like a kid, sing songs, and feed them to mouth and so on.

Nowadays, passing time during the day time is a Herculean task for her. When all are at home, everything is enjoyable for her. But during daytime when children are in school, Amit is out for the office, she has to spent time all alone at home. Previously, during such hours, she was engaging her time in seeing serials in TV, reading magazines, or advising people as a nutritionist. But, how long these activities can engage her! This has been a regular pattern of her recent life for last few years.

She was sitting idle in the sofa, in deep thought, sweet memories of her life flashed like a movie. Lips could not restrain the pleasing smile. She could see herself busy with their kids, playing like a kid, sometimes telling them stories, and singing songs. All these activities were so gratifying and pleasurable that no other fun could ever substitute them better in her life.

Amit over these years had moved to higher post, means multiple responsibilities, not able to spare time to family as it was earlier. Children’s choices too accelerated in different direction. Even, in home also they’re seem to be busy in the activities in their own way, and Priya started feeling lonely.

In such a scenario, after hell of mind boggling, she came to a conclusion that she should also join some job to utilize her spare time. It would refresh her professional qualification of food and nutrition. At the same time, she could do some social activities as experienced practicing Nutritionist.

Thinking so, immediately she opened laptop and registered herself along with resume in few job providing websites and continuously started monitoring her emails for incoming new jobs regularly.

She was getting many types of jobs as she had highest academic qualifications like Ph.D. with first class career, and experience of teaching as well.

Many days passed, and lots of job offers flooded in her inbox. Her smart phone also started ringing with new calls intimating jobs for Dietician, nutritionist, teachers, and sales executives and so on.

After assessment of jobs, she could find some jobs which suit her most, decided to go for interviews.

Till today, selectively she has also appeared many interviews for various jobs, but success had yet to come. It’s a fact also that after a break of good and regular job, despite of best qualifications, experience and sincerity, it’s not that easy to get back again in good job, as young new comers have entered in the competitions and you’re bit older and less in demand.

Many places she was selected because of her reputation as she had very good connection with large group of affluent central government senior officers and some places because of her husband holding a higher post in Government of India. She knew very well that jobs on reputation basis, means some hidden agenda of profit making through connections, was a short life, and one day annoy either of them. She was in search of a job which can bring pride to her because of her academic excellence and deserving experiences.

Today morning, she had a call from the Consultant. She was asked to appear for a job of Nutritionist at Noida. She was also advised to carry a photo identity card with her. She searched the exact location of the corporate office in the google map and found out the Noida Sector 16 as the nearest metro station of destination.

Without any further delay, she left the residence for the nearby JLN Stadium metro station. She was supposed to reach for interview by 11 am. It was month of July, and clouds were roaming in the sky. At any time, rain might come as obstruction, thinking all these she was moving fast, suddenly it started raining.

As it was her call after such a long gap for Nutritionist job, she didn’t want to take any risk, hence decided somehow to manage and reach the destination in time. After, a change at Mandi House metro station, she reached the Noida Sector 16. It took almost one hour to reach there. During the travel, her dress was almost wet by the heavy showers of rain and it was bit uncomfortable to her.

After stepping out from metro, she straightway went to the washroom to get refreshed. Nobody was inside except a boy sitting outside for collecting the token money for the service. She went inside, locked the door, dried her dress using hanky, refreshed herself, and rendered some makeup touch available in her handbag to the face. A smile spread on her face, she murmured, “Yes! It’s okay now”.

She looked at her watch, it was 10.25 am. She again glanced herself in the mirror and moved towards the door. She rotated the door knob to open it. But, it didn’t open. She again murmured, “Oh! What’s going on? It’s still closed”. She tried once again with force…again…again…and once again. She whispered, “Hey! What is this? Am I trapped?”

With a feeling of helplessness, she shouted, “Is someone outside? I’m locked here, please help open the door.” But there was no response.

She started beating the door and screamed repeatedly, “Is someone there? Help…help!” Her voice was shaking and was very much frightened. All of a sudden, she heard some movements outside.

She again screamed, “Help, I’m locked here.”

A voice was heard to her, “Ma’am! What happened?”

Priya took a long breath after hearing a voice addressing her. Thanking God responded, “Door appears locked, I’m trying my best but it’s not opening.”

“But Ma’am, it’ll open from inside only.” it was reply to her anxiety.

“I’d tried all of my best, please do something.” She went again to deep dismay.

“Yes, Ma’am, don’t worry, calling someone…”

There was silence outside. It continued for quite some time. Priya was getting upset. Time was trickling down fast.  Suddenly she heard loud noises outside as if there were some gathering discussing the matter among them.

She could hear the chitchat which was going on outside. 

The story continued here....