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A Soul Murder

by Geetika Sodhi
(Ghaziabad, India)

You wanted to treat her like other girls you had met, liked it. That’s why you lost her. She didn’t have to be impressed. Just attended honestly and be well received with both arms open where she would have created a home with all her love and all you had to do was protect her and the home.

You broke her trust, held her naked to the world, and let everyone touch her at their convenience ripping apart her innocent soul leaving her dead, bruised and bleeding on the floor of regret, rain washing away her pain but failing to bring her back to life. You were a man of the world who destroyed the woman who smiled at you with love just because you wanted to please the world.

That’s how you wrote your destiny where you will spend a life impressing those who would neither smile nor hold love for you and everything they would do for you would be to get returns.

The day you will realise what you have done you would want to put yourself in pain and then you wouldn’t be able to and that alone would be your journey. You would live diseased and manipulated like you diseased and abused her existence but unlike her you wouldn’t be able to die, rain wouldn’t wash your blood and behind you no one would cry.

Soul murders are murders too. When souls die they turn into stones sliding down the mountains, settling down the rock beds of the sea.


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