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About Love

by Saweini Laloo
(Shillong, India)

A Rainy Morning

I wake to the sound of rain,
A gentle murmur and a dozy state;
Like a lullaby, he sang for a while
Wanting me awake but only to hear it.

His long, dark tresses slip from his shoulders,
Descending upon my back;
Ripples along my spine
Soft, smooth like satin.

The rain falls, forming velvet curtains,
And he breathes on my neck
Almost touching but not;
His warmth covers my body
Sleep, my love, he says to me.

My Lover

My lover’s eyes are nothing like the sun
They are like pools of water,
Deep deep deep.
My lover’s breath is like fresh spring breezes
Earthy, alive and golden.
His lips, softer than velvet roses
On a sunny day.

My lover is nothing like anything
He is nothing short of Athena’s equivalent
The world amassed on his shoulders
Such expansive understanding
Encircling Equator’s waistline.

My lover burns with thoughts
Descending into unfathomable depths
An athenaeum in celestial light
I could forever dwell there
Reveling in pages from his heart

My lover's eyes caught mine
I found my soul for a while
But like comets,
He too was gone too soon.

My lover was nothing short of beautiful
In every single way.


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