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Amazing Wife Samhita - contd

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

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One day all of a sudden, Bhadra arrived at Ganga's house. Ganga was surprised to see Bhadra waiting outside the main door. The main door was open. Samhita went to the main door and received Bhadra.
"Bhadra didi, how are you? Please come inside."
"Samhita, I am fine. I am visiting your house to convey good news."

Ganga was in the puzzle. She thought Bhadra might have come with wedding card to invite them for Rajat's second marriage. It was confirmed after seeing her bag. Bhadra entered inside and sat on the sofa. She called Samhita to sit beside her.

"Samhita, please excuse me for what had happened all these days. I was not supposed to interfere in your personal life. You are really an extraordinary woman. I was under the wrong impression about you. Now I have realized my mistake. I am requesting you to come back to your house. I have decided to return to my place Bhimnagar. Rajat is repenting for his mistake and anxiously waiting for you," said Bhadra with folded hands.

Ganga was not expected such development would take place. Both mother and daughter were happy. They were about to leave, when Rajat arrived. Everybody shared happy moments. Whose brain was behind the unity of couples?

One week after Samhita sent out from her house, Bhadra fell ill. Rajat became sad. He admitted Bhadra in the private hospital. After taking all the tests the doctor diagnosed the disease. She was suffering from thyroid. Rajat met Samhita and told everything and requested her help. She agreed to take care of Bhadra. About one week, She was with Bhadra and served her day and night. She had to spend sleepless nights in the hospital. After one week Bhadra was discharged from the hospital and she was completely recovered. Bhadra requested Samhita to forget and forgive what had happened early.

Samahita came back to her house and Bhadra returned to her place Bhimnagar.

One day Rajat was emotional and said, " Samhita, despite all the hardships, you persisted, you endured, I am so proud of you."
Samhita replied in-joke.
"Rajat, do you remember the day you had been to mom's house to see me before marriage? You asked me a question. Is there any dissimilarity between us? Today your emotional feeling is the answer."

"Samhita, you are an amazing wife," said Rajat holding her hands.

It was the happiest moment for the lovely couples. Both went to the dining room for dinner.

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