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Amazing Wife Samhita

Short Story by Vaman Acharya

On Sunday people of Pavanpur town witnessed unusually heavy rains before sunrise. The rain stopped after three minutes. Thirty-year-old lawyer Samhita got up from the bed and feeling too much nervousness. She had disturbed sleep and bad dreams in the previous night. She was in deep trouble. Samhita wanted to express her agony to mother Ganga. 

Five years back, Samhita was married to Rajat an advocate in Pavanpur. It was an arranged marriage. Their married life was happy for four years. Unexpected developments took place during the fifth year. As a result of this, their relationship was adversely affected and went to the extent of the break up of marriage. Before the marriage, both were known to each other as members of Bar Council. They used to meet rarely when the Bar Council Meeting was conducted once in three months. 

What happened between them? 

 Samhita had completed a Law degree at the age of twenty-five from a Law college in Bengaluru. She was brilliant right from primary school to Law college. She got a scholarship from the Government. She was also the recipient of the gold medal. Samhita worked as a junior with a senior lawyer for one year and gained sufficient knowledge. She opened an independent office in Pavanpur town. Her legal practice was encouraging. Her mother Ganga was a teacher in the local private high school. Mother was seriously thinking of her daughter's marriage. 

One day Ganga went to Apurva matrimonial centre to inquire about the suitable groom. She met the proprietor of the centre and registered her daughter's name. The proprietor gave a file containing the biodata and photos of grooms. While going through the files, Ganga selected one groom, whose name was Rajat. He was an advocate in Pavanpur. She came to know from his biodata that he had lost his parents long back and grown up under the guardianship of his elder sister Bhadra. Rajat continued his education with a lot of financial difficulties. His sister helped him to continue studies. Bhadra was married to Madan, who was a bank employee in Bhimnagar. It was a love marriage. She moved to Bhimnagar soon after her marriage. 

Ganga took the xerox copy of Rajat's horoscope. Then she contacted a priest in Hanuman Temple for the match. The priest compared both the horoscopes (boy and girl) and told her to go ahead. Without wasting time, she approached Bhadra and put up the marriage proposal. Bhadra agreed to visit Pavanpur after one month for this purpose. The convenient day was fixed for the interview of boy and girl in the residence of Ganga. On that day Bhadra and Rajat arrived at Ganga's house. Elders told Rajat and Samhita to talk to each other in a separate room. Both went to the adjacent room and occupied the chairs.

"Since we know each other, I think the conversation between us is not necessary. I wanted to ask you whether you have that talent, which I don't have," asked Rajat.

Samhita was smiling.

"No, I'm also like you," replied Samhita.

"So, we are similar," said Rajat

"Yes," said Samhita.

"Is there any dissimilar feature between us?," asked Rajat.

"Yes. There are two dissimilar features. You are male and I am female," replied Samhita smilingly.

Both were laughing loudly. 

"Do you like to know about me?" asked Rajat

"Your biodata speaks everything," said Samhita.

Their conversation was over in just five minutes. Both went to the hall, where elders were waiting.

Rajat and Samhita agreed to become life partners. On one auspicious day, the marriage was over. Bhadra and Madan blessed the newly married couple and returned to Bhimnagar. 

During the fifth year of Rajat- Samhita marriage, Madan met with a car accident and died on the spot. Bhadra became a widow and returned back to her birthplace Pavanpur. Rajat had a lot of love and affection towards his sister. Bhadra was both mother and father to him. He advised her to stay with him. Rajat helped her to get a job in a private school as a teacher. As a nominee of late Madan, she got all the retirement benefits from the bank.  Initially, for about one month all the family members were living happily. 

Suddenly, misunderstandings cropped up between Bhadra and Samhita. Bhadra was not happy with Samhita for not becoming a mother. She thought if Samhita failed to become pregnant, the lineage of the Mujumdar family would be wiped out. She told Samhita to undergo thorough medical checkup with a Gynaecologist. Rajat was against this checkup. He had already got the opinion of the doctor. According to the doctor, she cannot become pregnant. Despite he was most happy with his wife. Rajat and Samhita had already decided to adopt a male baby from the orphanage. Bhadra opposed this idea. She told her brother to go for second marriage. Rajat vehemently opposed for the second marriage. Samhita was not ready for a divorce. Bhadra tried to put a lot of pressure on Rajat. Her continuous persuasion, Rajat agreed to follow her instructions. 

Rajat was most obedient to his sister. Bhadra was the inspiration and encouragement for the status he was enjoying today. He was in dilemma. On one side beloved sister and on the other side most lovable wife. He cannot displease either. Ultimately, he reluctantly changed his mind and expressed his wish to Samhita.  One day Bhadra told Samhita seriously to break up the marriage with Rajat. She was unhappy with Bhadra. War of words began between them.

"Bhadra Didi, as long as my husband loves me, the question of divorce doesn't arise. I am totally against your wish. I am a lawyer, I know better than you in such matters. If you insist me like this, I will have to file a case against you to  teach you a lesson. Don't blame me for any consequences which may arise," said Samhita.

On hearing this Bhadra was perturbed.

"Do you know with whom you are speaking? If I wish, you will be sent out from this house within minutes," replied Bhadra in an angry mood.

 Rajat was present and overheard their conversation. He too became angry on Samhita.

"Samhita, how dare is you to speak in such a language to my sister. I have decided to obey my sister to come what may. You may leave my house right now," said Rajat.

Samhita was adamant and stayed. She had the courage to face any eventuality. She had to bear a lot of torture from Bhadra. One day, Samhita was physically kicked out of the house in the presence of Rajat.

She came to her mother's house with a heavy heart.     

 "Mom, I'm so scared and worried. You have not given me the opportunity to take life's most important decision," said Samhita with deep sorrow.

Her tears were flowing like a waterfall.

"My dear child, don't worry. I have great faith in God. He will certainly guide you," said her mom Ganga.

"You don't know mom, how I'm living in my house. Every day my sister-in-law Bhadra is giving me torture. Rajat is supporting his sister. Before her arrival at our house, we were leading a happy life. She left Bhimnagar and joined with us due to the sudden death of her husband. Rajat explained to me the reasons for inviting Bhadra. The trouble started only after her arrival. Bhadra is ten years older than Rajat. Whatever she says, he faithfully obeys. In the present situation, I am guilty of not becoming pregnant. Rajat took hard decision of divorce," said Samhita.

"Don't worry Samhita, my inner heart says you will be all right in a few days. I will try to find out a way to come out of this situation. Please don't take a hard decision like divorce. You must always think in a positive way," said Ganga.  

"Mom, you are one hundred per cent correct. Rajat is really a nice person. I don't know how he has changed his mind. It was not a sudden development. Being a lawyer, I know how to deal with such a situation," said Samhita.

 "Samhita, every girl must undergo such critical situations in the life after the marriage and live with in-laws.  You try to convince your husband."

"Mom, Bhadra can't love me like you. No love is greater than yours in this world. I love you so much, which cannot be expressed in words. Bhadra is treating me like a maid," said Samhita.

Even after six months, Samhita didn't meet Rajat. They were not in hurry to file a divorce petition.

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