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Beyond the Sunset - Chapter 15

by Tanuja Chatterjee

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Chapter 15

“I took a decision ma! I can take decisions! Don’t know whether right or wrong…I had to put my foot down. Time will tell whether I’ll emerge a victor or be vanquished for good. I don’t care…I believe in the journey. I always tried…and I haven’t failed…I will never let you down Ma.” said Anubha, to her mother.

“I know very well how hard you’ve fought with yourself and your situation. Despite your terrible discouraging environment, we have always seen you rise courageously, cherishing your each relationship. In spite of all your difficulties, you did your utmost. Didn’t you?” Anubha’s mother continued. “…as long as you keep your vision beyond self, you’ll always have a glorious sunrise beyond each sunset. So don’t you worry?” She smiled at Anubha as she spoke.

“Ma, all that happened between me and Aniruddh…do you feel that I’m the loser?" asked Anubha.

“Who said so? You are neither a loser nor a defeated being. You are like The Majestic Himalayas to me. How many can look at life in "Another Way" as you do? I can’t find anyone near me. This principle of yours has kept you alive with a youthful spirit. I have yet to meet someone who forgives and forgets as easily as you do! You seek appreciation, which is your strength…it makes you prevail, in spite of those surging breakers. Even this time, your dynamic energy didn’t cease to flow. You are my most precious treasure Anubha. Believe me!... Rest well, tonight. You are at a crucial turning point. We will talk and plan for tomorrows….tomorrow….ok!” and Anubha’s mother stroking her hair before going out of the room dimming the light of the lamp. Anubha closed the door of her mind, faithfully followed her mother’s instructions and went off to sleep after offering her prayers of gratitude.

“How do I make you believe my child that you’ve set a grand example for me too? You have to win without fail…and I’ll do all I can to help you become a winner.” With these unspoken words she glanced at her daughter before retiring herself.

Anubhuti came and peep in, wishing to talk to her mother all alone and heard her prayers instead. She quietly left as she knew her mother was about to sleep. So she came to Mridula’s room to lighten her heart and to know about the ordeals of the day.

“Mamoni (Anubhuti prefered to call Mridula by that name), are you awake? May I join you for a short while!” she asked.

“Sure! I was waiting for you. I knew you would come. Don’t trouble yourself much, your mother is fine. She needed you and you both gave her your absolute support. I’m proud of you Anu.” Mridula answered, bringing her inside with a warm embrace.

“Ma’s life had been nothing short of a battle-field. Don’t you think? She faced direct ground fighting, experienced the pains of terrible…terrible sufferings, loneliness, abuse and almost total confinement….and the huge sacrifices she made for the sake of harmony, unity and peace of her family….tell me mamoni do all women have to undergo the same thing?” Anu asked.

“Are you scared? Yes, women do face various situations but look at your mother; she is an ordinary woman …who lived an ordinary life with extra ordinary skills of living. Do you find her weak?” she continued, “a woman has to do multi tasking because she enacts variety of roles in one life…like she is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend. In her sphere of life, a woman has to rise from the sea of clouds of doubt to greater heights; she has to cultivate inner fortitude. To me your mother is no less than a woman of peace, a woman of action, a great friend and above all a winning champion.” She answered.

“Yeah, she always told me to act locally but think globally. I would tell her that she is not my role model as her life never inspired me. Her resolve to embrace the present and inherit the uncertain future…is really commendable. Phew! ... How shallow I had been! She is an inspiration! Mamoni, if she can take a plunge into uncertainty, at this age… we all can. She stood by her belief all her life. Saw goodness in all. Had a great sense of appreciation! I would argue when she said “I am not here to change the world …but my own self.”…Now I’ve understood that we do have it within our power to move from this age of mistrust, rampant evil, war and terrorism towards a lasting happiness and peace.” She spoke at length.

“Now that you’ve understood please don’t fall prey to idle amusements for they bring fleeting pleasure….producing neither inspiration nor growth. Stay rooted in the realization of your daily life. Use your wisdom as a powerful source to bring harmony, happiness and peace to your family, to us and to the society at large. Your mother, in spite of being a dependent all her life, refused to be defeated. What I admire is that, all those, whom she thought, inflicted in her a sense of helplessness or made her feel weak…she almost banished them from the face of her life, at one stroke. You see, one needs great courage to undertake such a bold struggle…and that too…so late in life.” Mridula encouraged Anu.

“I’m worried that she has decided to work…I mean she has never done so. I’m really, really worried mamoni.” Anu expressed her feras.

“Don’t! She has shown us through her actions that we all can fly like the refreshing spring breeze…only if we try…only if we believe that we can. Isn’t it? After all being happy is our birth right. See, Didi fostered you two as her treasures. Now her life is giving her an opportunity to foster the girls at the orphanage. It sounds painful, I know. But let her go. Let her fly and soar high like a bird. Let her live her life the way she wants now. Stay along with me and support her behind the scenes. Today, she needs a goal to witness the next dawn and she has found one too. It is the only purpose of her life. Let us together ensure that it becomes the most crucial focus of her life, so that she can rise and stand tall and upright again. Will you? It is a way to offer your debt of gratitude to your most beloved mother Anubha. So, What do you say!” answered Mridula, washing away all the fears and doubts from Anubhuti’s mind.

Anubha became the bridge between generations. She had captured their hearts with warmth. In this household there was no cause to mourn…only joy prevailed. Whatever hope she had…it was theirs too.Beyond every sunset in life there rises a glorious dawn, when together with our spirit we start afresh. The past toiling ends with each glorious dawn. Beyond the sunset, anew we are born.

The End

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Apr 03, 2013
Gud One :)
by: Anonymous

gud one :) not finding any words to express my feeling....thanx Lakshmi

Oct 19, 2011
Thanx Isabel
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

It's highly encouraging to know that you liked it. Lakshmi gave me my first break here and I'll stay indebted to her always. It really helped me to see my weaknesses and strengths clearly. The comments enriched me. Well, publishing requires lots of courage and I'm still in wanting of it. Hoping to send the link to Indu. Will let you know her reply. Thanx Iszy.

Oct 12, 2011
such a...
by: isabel

You are such a good story teller...I could almost hear your voice as you narrate the conclusion of this novelette.

Lakshmi is right why don't you publish your creations...I think can do it.

P.S. it's more exciting if it's also comes as audio book

Sep 29, 2011
My Thanks!
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

Thank You for being there with innumerable words of encouragements all through.

Sep 28, 2011
by: Lakshmi

Thanks Tanuja for a beautiful story with a good message. Enjoyed reading it. After a proper editing, I feel that it can turn out to be good novella.

Hope to read more from you.
Wish you all the best.

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