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Beyond The Sunset-Chapter-14

by Tanuja Chatterjee
(Kolkata, India)

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Chapter 14

“Monday, is absolutely fine with me Mrs. Bruni!” exclaimed Anubha. “I’ve got to say goodbye to my old parents before I actually join.”

“It’s just three more days Annie,” She replied. “Anyway, have a nice stay at home and come back recharged.”

“Thank you ma’m for all your kind efforts. I will see you on Monday then.”Anubha reassured her and waved a goodbye to Mrs. Bruni.

“This woman looks promising Jessica. Please lend all your support to her when she arrives.”Mrs. Bruni instructed Jessica with fondness.
“May I ask you something Mamma?”Asked Jessica.
“Yes, of course my child! Is anything bothering you!”She replied.
“Mamma, what made you feel that Ms. Anubha is apt for the job? I mean why did you overlook all the criteria for this job?” She asked.

“Oh well, since I’m solely responsible for this particular posting, I thought of going by my instincts this time. Out of all those who came for the interview I couldn’t find one with such charged passion. Moreover, we are dealing with lives here…our mission is to provide a comfortable, sustainable and a wholesome grooming of an individual, so that they can make a dignified life of their choice. No sponsors involved here. I found in her, someone who burns with same enthusiasm as I do.” Mrs. Bruni answered, “Mark my words Jess, you’ll never regret this decision of mine.” She answered with absolute confidence.

“I am sure mamma, we never have. Just look at me, I was brought to you when in that terrible train accident my parents died. You became my mamma since then. There are so many others, picked from different places and brought to you, here. This is our home and you’ve ensured that we all get to live the way we want. Today, it’s my choice to be here with you. So many of others are so nicely settled with dignified carriers! We are blessed to have you Mama.” Jessica recollected.

“So you’ll remember what I said…take care of her…ok!” on saying so she hugged Jessica with warmth.
“Just like you, someone took care of me someday so that I could live a fulfilling life and grow with confidence. She also ensured that all traces of trauma and the tag of “an orphan” got erased completely from my mind. Today I think it was necessary for my wholesome grooming. What I’m doing, is just passing on that spirit in you all and in a way I’m trying to offer my debt of gratitude to her. No big deal! Good human beings ought to be doing so!” She said fondly to Jessica.


Anubha returned to her parents and Mridula disclosed everything to them.

“Pappa…maa…please don’t get so tensed, didi has found a good job. The salary is great and she will have no lodging problems either.” Mridula explained to them every detail.

“Of course Annie, Don’t get disheartened! You can never have any problem at all. A person with such purity of heart, as yours, will always stay protected. Do you know why? Because every aspect of your environment will lend you support, come what may. I built this house for my three daughters…this is yours as much as Dola’s or Trisca’s. Please feel free and relaxed here as well…it will delight us to have you back.” Anubha’s father spoke to boost her morale.

Anubha had tried to put up a brave face but with these words of love and warmth made her feel wanted again and she broke down.

“Cry as much as you want to, today. It’s all before us. I won’t stop you. It’s important that all that held up grief flows out of your system. The muck needs to be cleared.“ her mother continued. “It’s your fresh departure today Anubha. You’ve got to stand tall again and say… my future still remains and I’ll do everything I can, to make it brighter. I’ve reared my daughters as the cubs of lion….and lion roams alone…it seeks no company. So are you three. You make me proud Anubha.”

Anubha felt rejuvenated with her parent’s words of encouragements and said “What am I crying for! For those yesterdays! They are dead and gone… forever now… I’m done with it. Here before you all I embrace my present with absolute sincerity.” She almost took a vow.

Mridula had informed Anubhuti about Anubha’s home coming on their return and had asked her to come down to their place to meet her. She almost rushed to her grandparent’s home. As she entered, the words of Anubha’s pledge reached Anubhuti and she added from behind “I stand by my mother, word by word and line by line. I am… where my mamma is! No other glories do I seek. She is my parent, sovereign and my precious teacher…and no one else.”
“I want you to know Maa, I’m proud of you too and so is “bhai”. I talked to him and he has asked me to convey that he is all yours and yours alone. So, here we are a family of three maa. We’ll start afresh with just you.” Said Anubhuti with great enthusiasm.

Anubha briskly moved and held Anubhuti in her everlasting tight embrace. The endless tears washed the dust of yester year’s fatigue from within and smeared a comforting balm of a sparkling present and a happy future on their hearts. Here was majestic Anubha with her cubs beside her.

To be continued....

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