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Beyond The Sunset-Chapter-12

by Tanuja Chatterjee
(Kolkata, India)

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Chapter 12

“So it had been a carnival so far!” She thought, as the taxi sped along, “…and I thought …they loved me! They all joined the carnival! …Clears my doubt… that I am of no value for them! Hence, reconciliation …not an option anymore!”

“Please tell me which turn to take. I’ve never been here before.” Said the taxi driver.

“O.K! I will.” She answered and returned to her thoughts.

“A house turned into a home… by whom? The conventions and functions of a family, don’t stand on their own….they are a part of the very life and spirit of a dedicated home maker. Violating this spirit and trampling on her fundamental right to live, is like, being evil” She felt deeply.

“No, no, no…not accepted. My chalice is full but I won’t allow them to draw from me anymore. I’ve reached real cunning times where all my joys have melt down by sorrows and betrayals through unjust game of hide and seek. How could my children be a party into it! I still wonder, how could they…how could! It’s my failure indeed!”

“The second turn to the right….Yes, yes near that gate. Please stop there. How much?” She asked

Anubha rang the bell but no one answered. She rang the bell for the second time.
“Coming in a moment!” came a voice. Anubha recognized it.
“So Chitra is in.” She thought
Chitra opened the door with a huge smile.

“Come in Anu! Come sit.” She said.
“No thanks, Chitra, I just came to hand over this. My sister is waiting at the bus stop. I’ve got to go. As I told you in the morning over the phone…Please keep it, just for a while, as I’m going out of town. But, don’t worry; I will collect it within, say… two weeks!” Anubha said, handing over a rectangular handmade wooden box, “I know I sound selfish…quite strange…isn’t it! I will tell you all, on my return. Actually, right now, I’m running behind the schedule. Please forgive me for now….will you!” Anubha hugged Chitra tightly.
“Of course!” she replied.

Chitra sensed something wrong with Anubha but didn’t question. She wished to know all that lay in “her Anu’s” heart but only when Anu was ready to share. She could
understand that Anu needed time.


“You know how late you are, didi! I’ve been waiting here for about an hour now!” Mridula almost exploded.
Anubha had to talk to someone to have a conversation and who best could there be, but her very own Dola! They had always shared a deep bond with each other since childhood. So Anubha confided in her sister about her situation.

Mridula was a working woman, carrying the show of running her household, single handedly. She understood how hurt Anubha must have been and throughout their conversation she preferred to concentrate on what Anubha had rather than on what Anubha lost. She reminded Anubha that within her lay a powerhouse of experiences, which she could put to use now.

“But the first step towards a new dawn must begin with eradication of all bitterness of your past. Empty your mind didi . Try and stay busy. Read and let’s work out how best we can turn around when all seems lost.” Said Mridula, over the phone, at night.

“I have thought of a way and need you Dola. Shall we meet at 12o’clock tomorrow, at the S.O.S Village bus stop!” replied Anubha.


Anubha almost ran with a broad smile.
“I’m sorry Dola.” She said
“I’m sorry didi, I shouldn’t have been haughty.” Mridula
“I’m sorry for being late.” Anubha apologized again.
“Think it over, do you really want to jump into the unknown ...…’coz then you’ll be on the path that won’t provide you the luxury of a backward look at your vanished days. What do you say?” asked Mridula.

“Before you, I declare Dola that I’ll start afresh from where I stand now. Here I leave my ghost past… and with my empowered self, I seize this day’s this very moment. I’m absolutely ready to reach out to those who need me. I am ready for “My Life” now.” Anubha almost took a vow.

“So how do you wish to go about it didi?” asked Mridula.
Anubha silently opened her huge leather purse and took out three letters in long white envelopes.

“These are the calls I received. They require residential teachers for their respective orphanages. I’m counting on these…and am confident I’ll be accepted.” Anubha said handing them over to Mridula to have a look.

“They are all very faraway places…almost outside Kolkata. Are you sure you want to?” she asked.
“Yes, I am.” Anubha replied.
“O.k.… then here we go!” Said Mridula, directing her driver, to turn the wheels the other way.

And thus, began a fresh journey for Anubha towards an unseen future.

.......To be continued....

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Sep 08, 2011
engaging and exciting!
by: isabel

Just like before,your story-telling never fails to catch my interest or put me in suspense. It might sound selfish but one page's not enough
Looking forward for the continuation...any hint what's in the wooden box?

I love heroine that has character, shows courage, independence,most of all with an indomitable will and spirit!

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