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But Just Say I Love You - 10

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Chapter – 10

Vijay did not plan to reveal his love for Harini until she completed her exams. It was the last day of the exam, Vijay bunked his college. He lied to Arvind that his dad had called him for a new venture.

Vijay and Harini were seated in a restaurant. Vijay made up his mind to talk about his love for her. But the only thing that kept running in his mind was, whether Arvind would accept it, or would he get furious on him for loving his sister. Before all this, Harini should accept his love, Vijay thought. Harini felt something unusual in her mood today. Her mind and heart were excited as if something great was about to happen.

“My exams are over. I have a month to prepare for my admissions. Probably by June first week, I would have joined IIAD”, Harini shrugged her shoulders.

Vijay did not feel comfortable to talk to her about his love, though both of them, by then knew that they were in Love.

Harini was not sure why Vijay, being a guy was having hesitation. She was still waiting him to speak up first, in fear of being rejected. She felt his care for her, his sincere efforts to bring her dream come true and his support during various times. But were those out of love or out of normal courtesy?, she was not sure. She wanted it to be love, but was very much afraid at the same time to open herself up.

Harini and Vijay had a short chat after which they left the restaurant.

Harini started preparing for her admissions in IIAD. Her dad accepted her view and did not pester her to apply for engineering. Vijay made sure Harini prepared well. He gave his best support. One evening, as Vijay happily returned home, he saw his home in complete silence. He sensed something was wrong.
“We pampered him so much. Did we expect anything in return or at least for us? We had been asking him to score good marks, just for his future. Just look at the rank he had secured”, Vijay heard his father’s voice, breaking the silence. Vidyuth sat on the sofa, as though he was waiting for the topic to end.
Vijay signaled him “What?”

Vidyuth pointed to an envelope on the table that had come from University, requesting for attending the counselling for engineering. Vijay could see the rank that was written in block letters.

7417- Vijay got a closer look now. Within few seconds, he burst into laughter. Vidyuth signaled him to lower his voice.
“Wow. You are trailing by 250 ranks, when compared to mine. Super da. You are great.”, Vijay whispered, as he chuckled under his breathe.
“Idiot. Don’t laugh. And yes, that is why dad is furious. He checked with few of friends. Looks like for such Rank, I will get into your college only. Dad is sure not to get a seat through payment. He wants me to do my engineering in merit. That’s why, he is scolding Me.” he signaled towards the kitchen from where his dad’s voice was coming from.

Exactly after one month, Harini got her admissions in IIAD and Vidyuth joined his brother’s college as his family expected.

Vijay’s dad was much disappointed, yet he advised Vijay to take care of him. Suresh’s fury was now at its peak as he noticed Vijay visiting Arvind’s house frequently than ever.
He was not able to stand it. He made up his mind to teach him a lesson. It was only then he came to know about Vidyuth joining the college.

Vijay and Harini were not able to stand the fact that they would
be separated for the next two years.

Vijay thought it was now or never. He made up his mind to talk to her. His mind raced to focus on his love. He completely forgot about Arvind.

Harini had been expecting that Vijay would speak up first all this time. She felt today was the right time. She bought a beautiful greeting card, wrote her love for Vijay on it and kept it safe in her bag.

Vijay knew that Harini’s parents would accompany her to Airport. He decided to meet her at a coffee shop nearby.

Both of them sat in Long silence. Vijay was the one to break it.
“You would be away for the next two years. We would not be able to meet”, he began to talk.
“Hmmm” Harini nodded.
“You have given me so many special moments in my life so far. It is just because of you my life has got new colors and meaning." he paused for a long time. “I… “ he dragged.

Harini thought he would tell it now.
“I.. I really thank you for coming into my life. “
So all the pause and drag were just for a Thank you, Harini thought. She was disappointed.
“I….”, Vijay stammered again.
He will tell it this time, Harini thought.
“I am going to miss you so much, Harini. “, Vijay’s tone saddened.
“Those big round eyes, the expression they show, your beautiful face, above all the way I feel when I am with you; that unique special feeling. I would definitely miss that Harini”, Vijay continued.

Harini was excited; she could sense where the conversation was going.
“Harini”, Vijay called, waiting for her to look at him. She was now looking at his face.

“Harini..” he called, looking into her eyes directly. They poured enormous love. He could feel it.
“Harini, I… “he again dragged. Harini was still looking at him, her gaze fixed on his face.
“Harini, I love you”, Vijay, at last told, mustering all his strength.

She was still looking at him. She just smiled. Her happiness knew no bound.
“Harini”, Vijay called.
“Yes”, she replied.
“Guess I told you something”
Harini did not answer; she just took out the greeting card and letter which she had written for him.

Vijay’s happiest moments were just few centimeters away. He felt on cloud nine as he read the love proposal Harini had written for her.
“The day I met you, my life changed. The way you make me feel is hard to explain. You make me smile in a special kind of way. You make me fall deeper in love with you every day.
You are that one person in my life who gave me a million feelings, a thousand thought and a hundred memories.

All I wanted was to find that person in my life who can stay with me, no matter how hard it is. You are one such person.

I fell in love with you, the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once.
I love you Vijay.”

He closed the greeting card, placed it on the table and held Harini’s hands for the first time. Harini felt Vijay’s fingers were cold. He slowly caressed her fingers. She slowly slipped her fingers in between Vijay’s fingers.
“I love you”, both of them told in unison. They laughed together. It was a beautiful day.

Few hours later, that day, She boarded the flight to New Delhi. With a heavy heart Vijay returned home. Arvind sensed the changes in Vijay for the past few months. He suspected that it could involve Harini. Yet, Arvind decided to stay quiet and calm until he got a clear picture.

To be continued here .....

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