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But Just Say I Love You - 11

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Chapter - 11

“All the best Son. My prayers for your bright future”, Vijay’s mom blessed Vidyuth as he was about to leave for his first day at college. Vijay and Vidyuth travelled by car. Vijay introduced Vidyuth to almost all of his classmates. Their college life was smooth and fine.
Harini and Vijay had been in constant touch through phone calls, romantic emails and sms. Harini was able to get closer to a girl named Anita who was from Mumbai.
It was after a month, Vijay missed Harini badly enough to lie to his best friend and visit her.
“Hey Arvind, I am visiting my Cousin Shwetha da. I am going to Udaipur. I have asked Vidyuth to take the college bus today. Please take care of him”, Vijay lied. His Cousin was also put up in Delhi. He used the same to get permission from his dad for the sudden visit to Delhi. He could not lie to his father as he took care of ticket bookings.
“Hey, remember, you need attendance man”, Arvind warned.
“Dude that is why I am leaving on a Friday afternoon, so that I can be there for next two days.”
“Who will take care of Vidyuth then? Why are you not taking him with you?”
“Come on da. He has just joined. He cannot afford to take leave. Hence I am the one leaving. Hey , now , listen. Take care of Vidyuth. Show him the stop where to get down. I am leaving. Bye.”, Vijay hurried. Arvind was a bit puzzled.
It was around 3.30 PM Vijay reached New Delhi Airport. Harini was waiting for him. He came running to her and hugged her.
“How are you Sweetheart?”, he inquired.
“I am ok. How can I do well without you? “, Harini replied.
They had planned to go for a restaurant. Vijay planned for a night stay in his Cousin’s house so that his parents had no doubt. He thought of spending the weekend with Harini, in the day time.
It was almost 4.30 PM when they reached a restaurant. They ordered for some chat items to snack on.
“Missing you badly, baby”, Harini almost grabbed Vijay by his Arms and rested her head on his shoulders.
“Me too”, he patted her cheeks gently. “It’s going to get over soon. We will be reunited again”, Vijay spoke to cheer Harini up.
As he was about to bite a piece of Samosa, his mobile rang. He hesitated who was it disturbing his solace. It was from his college. He was wondering what it could be.
“Hello”, he answered.
“Yes, My Brother. First Year CSE.”
“What?”, Vijay froze. His face turned pale. His lips dried.
“No. I cannot believe this.” Vijay was in tears.
Harini was confused and terrified.
The call got disconnected. Vijay was shattered. He stood there like a dilapidated building.
Harini shook him. “Vijay, what was it. Why are you like this? “
Vijay tried to gather his words.
“Vidyuth met with an accident while going home. He fell from the bus while it was moving hit the floor and he died on spot”, Vijay’s voice broke. He could complete the sentence. He could not imagine his life without his brother. It was his fault. What would he and his family do without him. His body started trembling. Harini was in tears too. She knew how much Vijay loved Vidyuth. She was as consoling as she could be. She went with Vijay till Airport.
He left for Chennai in the next available flight.
As Vijay landed, his hometown, Chennai, looked horrible than ever. For a moment the honks of the vehicles irritated him. How would have Vidyuth felt when he went down? He was not sure.
By the time he reached home, most of the formalities in G.H had been completed. Arvind and his family were there. Vijay’s mom came running to him; she was not able to withstand the loss of her son. She desperately looked at her son, wanting a word.
He stood there silent as if he wanted his mom to read his response from his lips, before even they escaped his throat.
Arvind’s parents were of a great support. Vijay took a corner to sit, rested his head on the wall and looked at the ceiling, despondent and silent. The house had seen Vidyuth as a new born infant. Being the second son, his Mom did not go to her native for maternity. The wall, furniture, curtains, everything reminded Vidyuth in one way or the other.
Vijay looked at his dad. His eyes showed only angst.
Arvind walked to Vijay. He stretched his arms as if he bore his arms only to succor the distressed Vijay.
“What happened da?”, Vijay cleared his dried throat, so that the words fell out.
“He got up to get down. The bus was still in motion. He tripped. He fell on the road from moving bus”, Arvind almost broke into tears. Vijay interpreted his tears were out of grief. But he had tears out of guilt.
Harini kept calling Arvind and Vijay to bolster them up. The rituals happened one by one.

Couple of weeks passed by.
The most young and vibrant Vijay had turned into the most dejected one. He never spoke to anyone; except Arvind. Suresh’s mom was of a great source of strength to Vijay’s family.
Vijay’s family was besieged with phone calls , expressing grief and condolences.
Vijay’s dad filed a case against the college demanding full explanation on his son’s demise.
They closed the case as an accident due to careless attitude of a youth, trying to hop out the bus while in motion, as their reputation was at stake. Vijay’s father could not take further actions, as it involved his elder son’s education.
Harini was in constant touch with Vijay, consoling him, encouraging him and supporting him, in spite of his dormant behavior. Their relationship was not the same after Vidyuth’s demise. She flew from Delhi to meet Vijay twice. Vijay just sat beside her, fixing his gaze to a random object and spoke only for a Hi and a Bye.
If Vijay had a valid reason to succumb to his situation, Arvind’s behavior bothered Harini more. She could feel that Arvind was like never before. She concluded that something in Vidyuth’s death had caused Arvind to be so.
She patiently waited for everything to return to normal.

To be continued here.....

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