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But Just Say I Love You - 15

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Chapter – 15

Shyam's clinic looked and smelled fresh. It was pristine. He had painted his clinic with mild and soothing colours. Harini was just looking around casually, while Vijay was biting his nails in anxiety.

Shyam came out, a session with one of his patient was over.

“Welcome, Mr and Mrs. Vijay”, smiled Shyam.

Both of them smiled back. Harini's deep brown eyes, her long lashes and perfectly curved eye brow were impeccable against her fair skin. Her eyes expressed so many emotions.

“Shyam”, Vijay called. Vijay's voice startled Shyam. Had he been looking at Harini for a long time? He wondered.

“Come in”, Shyam ushered them inside. As they walked in, Shyam requested Harini to take up the patient's chair.

“I thought we were invited on a friendly note. Are we here for any treatment”, asked Harini.
Shyam smiled. “No no, It is of course a friendly invite. This is all just to make your husband more convivial.” smiled Shyam. “Only if I could talk to you, I will be able to find why your husband is always grim. You have to help Me.”, Shyam continued.

“If it is for Vijay, then I will do anything, doctor.” , Harini words came out in a jiffy.

“You can call me Shyam”, he smiled.

“Sure, Shyam”, Harini assured as she took her seat.

Shyam pushed back the seat. “Make yourself comfortable and relax”, told Shyam. Harini sat there and closed her eyes. The serene environment induced an unknown feeling into her.

“Just relax Harini. It is calm and peaceful here. You are completely relaxing. After this your eyelids may feel heavy. But I will help you with it. Just relax”, Shyam tried to hypnotize Harini.

There was complete silence. Harini did not move. But her eyeballs did. It was a rapid movement of her eyeballs. Then it slowly stopped.

Shyam signalled Vijay that she was getting into her sub conscious state.

“Harini,” Shyam called slowly.

“Vijay? Vijay? Are you calling me? Are you looking out for me? I will do anything for you Vijay. But just say I love you. Just say I love you Vijay”, Harini started crying. Her voice broke. Vijay woke up from his chair in panic. Shyam asked him to sit.

He noted something on a paper.

“Harini. I am Shyam. Your doctor,” Shyam spoke soft yet strong.
Her facial expressions calmed down. Shyam could sense it.

“Harini, just now you have been crying, asking your Husband Vijay to tell you, that he loves you.
So he does not tell that often?”

“Since our wedding he had never been telling it or showing it,” Harini answered , still her eyes closed.

“You know why?”, asked Shyam.

“No Shyam, I am not aware. That is the one, which stresses me a lot. It is very difficult being punished without knowing what the folly was.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Vijay's eyes were moist too.

“You had any clue why does he not love you?”

“Shyam, he still loves me. His love for me is immortal. Just that he is not expressing now.” Shyam smiled to himself. He noted something.

“Ok, Sorry Harini. You have any clue why he stopped expressing?”

“No Shyam. That is what is killing me inside. There should be something in me which he found after wedding. Hence he stopped expressing. I am really not aware what in me made him hate me or at least made him express his hatred. This mere thought gives me a lot of pressure inside my head.”

Harini held her head. Her eyes were still closed.

“Ok Harini, what happens then?”

“It gives me immense sorrow. I start thinking about the happy moments we shared, like my marriage album or any lovely conversation we had.”

“And then?”

“And then, and then I again start thinking what went wrong. My head starts aching.”

“What do you do?”

“I really don’t know. I repeatedly think that it was just because of me; Vijay had stopped expressing his love."

“And then?”

“I don’t know. I would be helpless. I did not have any one to help me. Everyone around me just accused me. They asked me to work on my short coming and conquer my Husband’s love back. I, myself did not what my folly was. How could I correct it, when I do not know what was wrong in the first place? I would be helpless.” Harini starting weeping. Tears started running down.

“And then?”

“I don't know. I really don't know.”, Harini continued to cry helplessly. She closed her face with her hands and continued to cry. Vijay tried to get up, as if he urged himself to console Harini.
Shyam signalled him to stay calm and sit on his chair.

After few minutes, Harini slowly took her hands off her face. She dried her tears with her hands. Vijay and Shyam witnessed her facial expressions change. She opened her eyes and looked directly into Shyam. Vijay froze. He could not believe his own eyes. Harini's eyes showed a new tint of glitter. With the same facial features, just with the complete transformation of her expressions, she looked like a new person.

“And then , what Doctor? What do you really want to know?, she demanded. The innocent and timid talk was now gone. She showed a lot of attitude and behaved with an air of ego around.

“Harini”, Shyam called slowly.

“Stop it Doctor. That stupid lame dog, Harini is lying down, succumbing herself to all your spell.”, Harini pointed to the empty chair.” I am Hashna. The beautiful, modern, bold and of course that lovable woman my Vijay wants.” , replied Harini. Her alter, Hashna had taken over now.

Vijay was shocked. He tried to swallow. He suffered a lump in his throat. He could not believe his own eyes.


To be continued here ...

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