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But Just Say I Love You - 19

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Chapter - 19

“Arvind?”, Harini exclaimed in ecstasy.
She did not allow him to enter. She hugged him before he could enter the house. Arvind patted his loving sister. He hugged her tight.

Arvind looked at her. He was not surprised. Her droopy eyes and band-aided wrist did not give him a shock. Vijay had met Arvind and apologized for all his mistakes. Vijay also made sure he revealed about Harini’s disorder and Arvind had to meet definitely.

Arvind’s mind ran the conversation they had last evening.
“I am sorry for all my mistakes, Arvind”
“You need not apologize to me. Don’t you remember how I begged you, not to ruin my sister’s life? But what have you done to her? Will we get our Harini back? What if she kills herself?”, Arvind was furious.
“I am sincerely working towards curing her, Arvind. Your visit will help me a lot. If you had really forgiven me, please come home tomorrow. If you feel I am not worth it, you can definitely let me know. I will make sure you meet Harini in a common place.” Vijay left with a sad note.

Arvind, as he patted his sister looked at Vijay who was standing beside. When Harini released Arvind from her hug, he slowly walked towards Vijay.
Vijay smiled at him, reiterating the last sentence he spoke. Arvind gave a tight hug. Vijay who did not anticipate the force, lost balance and fell on the couch. Arvind fell on top of him. Vijay was still holding Arvind strong.
“Leave me. If you are so much fond of me, you could approach me in private. But right in the daylight, right under your wife’s nose, this is atrocious. You might be this kind of a person. But I am straight. I would marry a girl and have relationship with a girl only”, mocked Arvind, as he stressed on the last words.
“Hah, you idiot. Don’t blemish my prospectus in front of my wife.", Vijay pushed Arvind away as he adjusted his T-shirt.
Harini had tears of happiness.

Vijay and Arvind spoke about so many things throughout the day. They planned for a dinner at a famous restaurant that night.
Arvind hesitantly asked about Suresh. “Vijay, did you meet him after knowing all this?”, asked Arvind.
“I learnt one thing, Arvind. Punishments do not stop crime. I thought I was wise my punishing the innocent. It has back fired now. There is of no use. I am just trying to forget him completely”, replied Vijay.

As they had their dinner, Harini saw the hotel staffs approaching with a bouquet towards table. She suddenly wondered if it was Arvind or Vijay’s birthday. She was sure it was neither.

As the hotel staff handed it over to Vijay, he rose from his chair, knelt down and extended it towards Harini. Vijay’s action left Harini totally flabbergasted. She blushed. She tried to hide her cheeks reddening, which made it more obvious. She beautifully accepted the flowers and Vijay’s proposal, for the second time.

Vijay’s question was answered now. She had forgiven him. She had accepted his love again.
The dinner ended on a happy note.

Arvind bade a bye and left for his home.
Vijay and Harini reached home. Vijay felt relaxed and satisfied. He laid on the sofa, arching his body. He saw Harini walking towards her room. Few minutes passed by. There was still no sign of Harini. He was about to get up and check on her, when the door knob clicked. As Harini walked out of the room in her casuals, she looked at Vijay and smiled; the same sweet smile. Vijay smiled back and closed his eyes.

All of a sudden Vijay heard someone mumbling a Hindi song. He was alarmed. He rose to his feet and walked fast to kitchen. Harini was doing the dishes.
“Harini”, Vijay called softly.
She turned her head swift and sharp. Her eyes showed rage. It was Hashna. Hashna had taken over now.
“So, looks like you are falling for her again”, Hashna spoke as her nostrils flared in fury.
“Yes”, came in Vijay’s stern reply.
She turned her head away.
“What the hell did she do to regain your love again?”
“She loved me unconditionally. She waited for me patiently. She never complained about it. If she had spoken about my attitude towards her to either of the families, my position would have been exacerbated. She thrived to shield me and endangered her life to a monster like you”, Vijay shouted.

”So I have started looking like a monster for you?”, Hashna gritted her teeth.
“Yes. You are a monster. You had hurt my love. Anything or anybody who hurts my Love, My Harini, is a monster to me”, Vijay replied in fury.
“You ignorant fool. Why are falling for her again? I will give you anything you want. “
“No You cannot. You cannot give me love when I ignore you, But my Harini can.“
“I can give you much more, Vijay. Please try to understand.”
“Listen, Hashna.” Vijay was surprised how spontaneously he addressed her with the Alter’s name. He wanted to see them different because, he wanted to eradicate the need for Hashna from Harini’s mind. Vijay continued to speak, “There could be no one in this world who will love me as deep as Harini. Such is her Love for me. Her love is the biggest. Her love for me is the purest. There is no other form of Love which is greater than hers. Even if it exists, I do not need it. I just need my Harini and her love. All for me. I am still not sure whether I deserve it, but I have taken all her love for me completely. There is no room for any other thing in my heart. My heart is already over flowing with the eternal love of my Harini.”

Hashna’s face turned red.
“You idiot. Why don’t you understand? Your Harini just saw you when she had already lived 17 years of her age. I was born for you. Why don’t you understand that? I molded every inch of mine just for you to like it. I had been living just for you. Your Harini has so many qualities in her which you hate. But look at me, I am a complete form of all your liking. Do you get it here?“ Hashna vigorously tapped Vijay’s head.
“It was your entire fault, Hashna. You assumed more than what was needed. You are just a part of my Harini’s imagination. You do not exist in real. Even If you could, I do not need you. I already have my Harini. Of course she is a human being. She has her own positive and negatives. I love her that way. I love her as a whole. I love her more than anything.”
“More than me?”
“Of course”, Vijay smiled.
“So you love her more than me. So you do not need me?”
“No, I don’t.”
“I am living for you.”
“Sorry, I do not need you. You can get lost. Go to hell. I don’t care. But just get out of my Harini.” Vijay threw his arms in air, signaling Hashna to leave.

Hashna showed a paroxysm of fury. She took a crockpot which was placed nearby. She picked it up in her hand and flung at Vijay. He escaped the hit. It fell on the floor scattering into numerous pieces. It created a tumultuous noise.
“Harini”, Vijay shouted on top of his lungs and shook her hard.

Vijay noticed her expressions change. His Harini was back. She was panting heavily. She looked at the floor. She swallowed hard.
“Vijay. Vijay. I .. I.. did something now. didn’t I?”, asked Harini in tantrum.
“Harini”, Vijay tried to get her close.
“No. I could feel it. I was shouting. I threw something at you. Didn’t I?”, continued Harini.
“Harini, come to me first”, Vijay extended his arms.
“I have lost my sense. That is why you have been taking me to Shyam. Am I right?. Vijay, please. Please let me know what’s wrong in me”, Harini wept.

He could not manage her. He felt it was the right time to talk to Shyam again.
He dialed Shyam’s number. He narrated about how he had confessed and made Arvind and Harini meet. He also conveyed that Harini was now fully aware of what went wrong in her life. He also enlightened Shyam that he had conveyed her love for Harini.
“Hashna appeared again after the proposal. She was violent. I made sure that I strongly conveyed about my love for Harini and how have I accepted her as a whole.”
“What happened then?”
“I made sure I brought back Harini to her conscience. But she sensed she did something weird. She is now demanding what is her problem.”
“That’s a good sign; Nothing to worry. Please come to my clinic. Harini is now ready to meet her Alter. Harini and Hashna are going to converse for the first time”, said Shyam and the line went dead.

To be continued

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