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But Just Say I Love You - 20

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Chapter 20

In next one hour’s time, around 11 in the night, Harini and Vijay were in Shyam’s clinic.
“Sorry to disturb you in this odd hour.”, Harini apologized.
“No problem. I just reached home when your husband called me. It is not at all a problem for me. Thanks for waiting for me.”, smiled Shyam.
“Shyam, May I know what is the issue with me? I behaved very weird at home today. My head is throbbing. What is wrong with me, Shyam”, Harini’s tone saddened.
“I can tell you.” Shyam signaled Harini to join him in his room.

She was made to lie down on the cozy chair and he made her comfortable.
“Harini, you are suffering from Dissociative Identity disorder, in common terms, split personality disorder. “Shyam uttered and waited for Harini to react. She gave a blank expression. Shyam ran through her story again; The cause and birth of Hashna and where they were now.
“Harini, to stop your mind from giving room for Hashna further, to stop Hashna coming again in your life, I want you to meet her now." continued Shyam.

Harini was bewildered. She was not able to understand how she would meet herself.
She was hypnotized.
“Harini?”, called Shyam slowly.
“Yes Shyam”, she replied in a feeble voice.
“Hashna, are you there?”, called Shyam.
There was a long pause.
“Hashna, are you there”, called Shyam again.
“Yes Dockie, I am here. Still here alive, even after so many humiliations,” scoffed Hashna.

Shyam was able to understand that still Hashna was not out of the conversation she and Vijay had a couple of hours ago.
“Hashna, I want you to meet Harini”
“Hell with her”, replied Hashna.
“No Hashna. Please stop abusing her.”
“You stop commanding me.”
“Harini, are you there”, Shyam spoke softly.
“Yes Shyam”, replied Harini in a feeble voice.
“Now come on, say Hi to Hashna”, added Shyam.
“Hi Hashna”, the feeble voice spoke.
There was a long pause.
“Hashna , are you there”, inquired Shyam.
“Yes and Hi Harini”, replied Hashna.
“Hashna, I am sorry for what was happening around for the past few days. I apologize for the same.”spoke Harini.

Shyam was happy how Harini’s sub conscience mind is talking to itself.
“Hell with it”, replied Hashna.
There was a sudden pause.
“Shyam, I am talking to myself, ain’t I?”, asked Harini.
“Not really , Harini. One part of you is talking to the other,” corrected Shyam.
There was a long pause again.
“Hashna, I want you to understand that the need for you in Harini’s mind is now not there." Shyam broke the silence.
“I knew that dockie. Please do not re-iterate,” replied Hashna.
“My Vijay, my sweetest thing in this world, spat the words on my face. He told he does not need me anymore.” Hashna’s voice broke.

Shyam looked at Vijay. He showed him a thumb up.
“Yes Hashna. The need is now gone. Why don’t you leave Harini’s mind and let her live her life?”, Shyam raised a question.
There was a long pause again.

“Hashna, are you with me?”, Shyam asked again.
“Yes Dockie. I am here. I was just thinking. I did not consider anything more important than my Vijay. When I really know that there are no chances for him to love me anymore, I really feel I should leave. “, Hashna ‘s voice was now getting clearer without any fury.
“I really appreciate it, Hashna. So what do you really think about Harini now?”
“What do I have to think. Lucky little head. She took my Vijay completely for herself. But that is ok. Vijay found her love better than mine, Vijay chose her. I love Vijay. So I respect his choices," Hashna’s voice calmed down completely.
“So you have something to tell Harini?”
“Good luck. My Vijay is yours now. Go, get some life at least now." Hashna smiled.
“Harini, why don’t you thank Hashna now?”, asked Shyam.
“Sure, Shyam. Hashna, I thank you very much for giving my life back to me."
“Ok Girls. It is time for Hashna to leave. Why don’t you tell a Good bye?”, added Shyam.
“Good bye Hashna”, Harini spoke first.
“Yeah, Good bye”, replied Hashna.
There was a long pause.

Harini was still under hypnosis. Her eyes were still closed.
“Hashna”, called Shyam slowly.
There was no response.
“Hashna?”, Shyam raised his voice a little. Harini was calm and comfortable. There was no change in her.
“Hashna”, Shyam called for the final time. Harini was still lying straight.
Shyam turned to Vijay and smiled broadly. Vijay’s eyes were moist. It was the tear of happiness, gratitude and of course a mammoth Victory.
Harini slowly opened her eyes. She saw Vijay smiling.
Shyam went close to her. “You are amazing.”, Shyam smiled.
“How did it go , Shyam”, asked Harini.
“Everything ended well. Now hurry up, go , go home. A whole new beautiful life is waiting for you.”, Shyam urged Vijay and Harini. Vijay paid the bill and started his way back home along with Harini.
Vijay saw Harini, as she slept peacefully. They were back home and due to her session, she dozed off sooner than what Vijay thought.
Few of her hair strands fell on Vijay’s face; he removed those and moved closer to her. He carefully placed her hand on his chest and closed his eyes, just to wake up for a beautiful life ahead.
Shyam was still looking at the clock to turn 6. He dialed, Sharadha’s number.
“Hello, Son, Good morning”, she answered.
“Mom, I have some news for you.”
“I think it’s time to reconsider my marriage proposal. Why don’t you call up Gayathri’s parents and let them know that we would be visiting them soon?”
“Is it my son who is on the other side? I could not believe my own ears. What made you take this decision son? What made you re consider about the wedding which you had been postponing for so long?”
“One of my patient mom; She taught me what it is to love unconditionally. Her eyes, they had so much love. Blessed are people who receive such love. Divine, are people who show such love. Let me see, I could be blessed enough. If not, I would be happy to be divine , too.”, Shyam spoke in a single breathe.
“Sure son, I will let you know after talking to them”, his mom assured and the line went dead.
She felt happy for her son. She blessed his son’s patient, who changed her son’s mind.
***The End***

Few weeks later – Phuket, Thailand.
Vijay and Harini were on their honeymoon. Harini was standing in front of the mirror, curling her hair strands with her left hand fingers. Vijay came towards her and pulled her closer.
Their eyes met. Harini slowly craned her neck to reach his lips, exposing the impeccable fragrant skin.
“Remember, you asked to do it differently? and now you just want a simple kiss?”, demanded Vijay.
“Go ahead”, blushed Harini.
He slowly traced down a line from her chin to the hollow of her throat with his fingers. He stopped there. He could feel the way Harini’s body responded to his touches.
He slowly sucked the air in the hollow of her throat. His lips were as cold as marble. Harini was almost only half conscious. Her body trembled. He tightened his grip around her waist to prevent her from losing the balance.
He traced back the same line up to her chin, but with his lips, the second time.
When their lips were just few centimeters apart, he pulled back.
Harini craned her neck further to reach his six feet tall frame.
She opened her eyes as she sensed Vijay moving away. She pulled him closer this time. As she brought her lips closer to his’, Vijay stopped her.
She was stunned.
“I will kiss you, but ……. “, he dragged.
“But what?”, Harini asked as a thin line of agony appeared on her forehead.
“But just say I love you”, completed Vijay. Harini smiled.
“I love you , Vijay”, Harini blushed.
“Love you too, sweetheart”, Vijay hastened his words before his lips could meet hers.
The two pair of lips were now smiling and kissing together.

The End

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Jun 11, 2022
Extremely good
by: Aarthi Rajesh Khanna

Hi jayashree
The story was extremely good answer and touched my kind for the unconditional love by harini. I loved the character Hashna portrayed well who wants to give more love than harini, who wants to do anything for Vijay. It's a good treat for me after a long time as I am addicted novel lover.


Oct 01, 2017
by: Nuggehalli Pankaja:

Good serial. thought provoking.

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