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But Just Say I Love You - 8

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Chapter - 8

“Howzat!”, Arvind shouted as the ball kissed Suresh’s leg pads. It was an important wicket for Arvind’s team.

Umpire slowly raised his hand signaling the Loss of Wicket for the mechanical team. They were 9 down for 78 runs. ECE Team had put up a mammoth target of 165 on the board in ten overs. The mechanical supporters hung their head as their opening batsman Suresh, who was their captain and Star performer walked back to the pavilion.

Suresh, through the corner of his eyes saw Vijay, his best friend from childhood, running towards Arvind and hugging him , celebrating his dismissal.
“Hey, that’s ok da”, one of his team mates consoled, as Suresh removed his gloves.
“Hey, I am not feeling bad about getting dismissed. It’s a part of the game. Getting Dismissed in Arvind’s spell was the last thing I expected," growled Suresh.

Suresh and Vijay had been the thickest friends since childhood. Suresh’s father was a chief mechanic in Vijay’s dad’s company. He died while operating a huge machine. Vijay’s dad felt very bad for the loss. He assured to Suresh’s mom that he will aid their living and completely take care of Suresh’s studies. He made sure his wife and son treated Suresh and his Mom well. Vijay’s mom always took special care for Suresh. Vijay and Suresh studied, played and slept together. They turned out to be best friends. As Suresh grew, more than the friendship, he was drawn towards the benefits of befriending Vijay. He took his father’s stream. He chose mechanical, while Vijay chose ECE in merit.

Arvind and Vijay knew each other only for the past one and half year in the college. Suresh was not sure what in Arvind attracted Vijay so much. Vijay became much fond of Arvind. He strongly felt that Vijay’s attention slowly shifted towards Arvind. His friendship for Suresh did not degrade, but Suresh loathed a third person intervention. He strongly registered in his mind that Arvind was the reason why Vijay did not spend much time as it was in the beginning.

Suresh’s chain of thoughts was disturbed by the roar of the crowd. Yes, the tenth wicket had fell. Mechanical had lost the match. Vijay and Arvind celebrated their victory. Once the presentation was over, Vijay handed over the trophy and came running to Suresh.
“Hey, dude, he called out.
“Oh.. you could even see me amidst your celebrations?”, Suresh mocked.

For the past one year Vijay felt strange change in Suresh’s Attitude. He knew the reason. He tried to make it clear to Suresh. He was not ready to understand.
“Come on man. Don’t do this. I was just with my team."
“Yes. Your team. Your victory. You could have continued. Why are you here?”
“Hey, Sorry da.” Vijay tried to calm him down.
“Vijay…” Bharath, one of his team mates shouted.
“Just a sec. Coming," Vijay replied.
“Hey, Suresh. I will see you tonight. I will come home. Got to go now da. Bye.”

Suresh did not bother to look at his face.
“Bye”, he just replied.
As Bharath and Vijay approached, Vijay saw a cute girl talking to Arvind.
“Hey, Vijay, this is my sister, Harini”. Arvind introduced. "Harini this is Vijay, my dept. In today’s match my captain”, he continued.

She flashed her beautiful smile. “Congratulations. That was a wonderful batting performance. Heard from Aru that you scored 87 smashing so many boundaries and sixes”, she spoke as she adjusted the fringe of her that fell on her face.

She was cute. As Vijay watched her speak, her big round brown eyes showed so many expressions.

She urged Arvind to hold the energy drink which she had bought for her brother.

She removed the clip from her hair, held it tight in between her lips. Her lips were thin and pink. Her lower lip was a little thicker than her upper, making it breathe taking. She adjusted her hair and pinned it back with the clip.
“Vijay….”, Arvind shook him hard now.
“Hey, hey, yes”, Vijay managed.
“I am going home. You coming?” Arvind asked.
Vijay wanted to tell a yes, for he might get some more time to see Harini, but he told Suresh that he would meet him.
“Hey no da. Had a plan of meeting Suresh’s mom," Vijay replied.
“Oh. OK. Sure. See you in college on Monday da”. Arvind and Harini bade a bye and left.

Vijay and Aravind stayed very close to each other. They were put up just 5 kilometers apart. They travelled in the same bus to college. That’s how they became great friends.
“Hey!!” Vidyuth , Vijay’s loving brother exclaimed as he saw the trophy in his brother’s hand. Vidyuth was in his twelfth standard. He came running to his brother. As he grabbed the trophy from Vijay, Vijay lifted him and balanced him on his shoulders.

Vijay and Vidyuth were identical brothers. Vijay was tall and strong, while Vidyuth’s built was puny. This made Vijay to lift him everytime he was happy.

His mom, who approached fast, demanded Vijay to be careful with Vidyuth. Vidyuth was now literally several feet above ground.
“So, you cannot congratulate your winning son?”, Vijay demanded.
“Of course, yes. But before that, be careful with him”, she pointed to Vidyuth.

Being the younger son of a rich family, Vidyuth was pampered by all the three. Though he was 17 years old now, they still thought him to be a kid. They took care of him the same way. Vijay, His mom and dad, everyone treated Vidyuth as an Apple of their eyes.

As Vijay slowly placed his feet back on the floor , “Awesome da”, Vidyuth exclaimed.
He handed over the trophy to him for some admiration. They both sat and Vijay started sharing all the important happenings of the game.

It was 9 when Vijay reached Suresh’s home. Suresh was not yet home.
“Hi Aunty”, smiled Vijay.
“Come in Son. Suresh is not yet home,” she said worriedly.
“We had a match today. We won. Suresh’s team lost. He did not speak to me properly after that," Vijay ‘s tone saddened.
“Suresh and I should be extremely grateful for what your family is doing to us. I am really not sure why he is doing this to you. Don’t worry, I will talk to him”, she consoled.

Suresh arrived the next moment. He was happy that Vijay kept up his word. Vijay and Suresh left for a walk and a talk.

Vijay felt contended after spending quality time with him. He headed home with a light heart. It was just a 5 minutes’ drive back home.

To be continued in Chapter 9.....

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