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But just say I love you-7

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, India)

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Chapter- 7

He tried to knock the door. He saw that the door was not locked. He slowly stepped in. The clothes she had worn to the shop were thrown on the couch. He slowly moved.
“Vijay, you are home? ”, Harini exclaimed. Her eyes showed so much happiness. His presence gave her immense pleasure.

After every fight or argument, Harini never brooded on it. Once she saw Vijay , all her fear, confusion and agony vanished. She spoke to him as if nothing had happened in the morning.
“The door was not locked?”, Vijay asked.
“Oops. Sorry. Shwetha left around 11. I had severe headache. I slept for a while. Just woke up and unlocked the door as the laundry guy came.”
“So you were just sleeping, you did not go out anywhere?”
“No. No. I was here the whole time”.

Vijay lost his patience. She was lying. It was coming so natural.

He took out the jewelry and placed it on the table. She was happy to see it. But she looked puzzled. Vijay expected a shock from her. She was puzzled instead. “This was the missing one that I told you about. How did you get it?”, she inquired in excitement of getting her chain back.
“From the shop where you had mortgaged it”, Vijay replied.
“What? I mortgaged? Why should I? What is the need Vijay? I have enough money for my personal expense. Plus you know, this my favorite one. Why would I ever do it?” Harini was confused.
“Just because you asked the same questions that had been running in my mind, it is not that you are innocent. Tell me. Answer me now”, Vijay demanded.
“I don’t know Vijay. Even this appears to me like few of the previous incidents. Someone is trying to fool me. I am being accused for things I have never been doing”, Harini’s tone saddened.
“Ignore the past two incidents. But this one, you cannot deny. I saw you with my own eyes.”, Vijay shouted.
“Vijay what are you trying to tell”, Harini’s voice broke.
“Don’t try to cheat me”
“Why should I cheat you? Don’t you know me?”
“I do not want to talk about the past. Nothing hurts me more than my past.”
“But my current life itself is hurting me more”
“That’s because of you. It’s your problem”.
“Don’t be so rude. It hurts”.
“I am being extremely kind and polite to you. You ruined my life”, Vijay was shouting on top of his lungs.

Harini broke into terrible tears.
“You are the one who ruined my life. You are punishing me without even letting me know my mistake. I don’t deserve this from you”, Harini spoke in between her tears.

Driven by anger and heat of the moment, Vijay gave a tight slap on Harini’s cheek.
“You are the one who ruined my life. You killed all my emotions and love I had for you. You are trying to fool me by acting innocent. Go to hell”, he shouted, slammed the door behind him walked out.

Harini stood there with a hand on her face, in utter shock.

Vijay started walking towards the lawn. He never knew where to go. He felt he was lost. He was staring at the bright sky. A tennis ball hit his legs, which brought him to the present. What has he been thinking about? How long had it been? He was not sure.
“Anna, ball”, the small boy called out. Vijay threw the ball at him. Harini’s thoughts struck him. He was not sure what she would be doing. He did not even wait for her to react. He strode away. He was suddenly panicked. He wanted to go back and check on her.

He walked fast. As he reached his home, he found the door was not latched again.
“Harini”, he called out as he entered. There was no response.

As he walked into bedroom, study room to find her, he heard few mumbles from the kitchen. He was shocked. His mind built up so many assumptions. He shook everything and walked towards the place from where the sound was coming.

His body turned cold and he almost froze as he saw Harini lying down in a small pool of blood dripping from her left wrist. She had cut herself deep. Vijay held his fist tight. He was not sure what to do. His mind did not work. He was panicked as whom he would call for help. His mind raced. Doctor, yes, he thought. He immediately ran to his opposite house. To his luck, the doctor had come again to check on some finishing.
“Doctor, doctor”, Vijay called him.
Shyam sensed the panic in his voice. He patted him to calm him down.
“What happened”, Shyam asked Vijay.
“My wife, my wife, she cut herself”, Vijay was still under shock.

Shyam and Vijay rushed in.

Shyam immediately lifted her and checked her pulse. He let out a sigh of relief.
“Her pulse rate is good. This means she need not be hospitalized. But she needs first aid.” He pulled out a box and started applying something on her wrist.

Vijay was still under shock. Is Harini safe? Will he be penalized under law for her suicide attempt? There were million things running in his mind.

The doctor sensed something strange in her, as he completed his first aid.

The oozing of blood now reduced. As he gave her an antiseptic injection, he spoke to Vijay.
“Can we take her to a room and make her rest on a comfortable place?”, Shyam asked Vijay.
“Sure", Vijay pointed to her bedroom.

Vijay carried her to her bed. He laid her straight. He got a closer look at her face for a moment. Her breathe felt warm against his arms. He had never seen her or felt her so close since their wedding.
“Vijay, I need to check your wife. Trust me and stay out for few minutes”, Shyam ordered. Vijay hesitated for a moment and then made his move.

Vijay waited impatiently for more than half an hour. It was then, Shyam came out. He peeped through the door to check on Harini. She was sleeping peacefully.
“Doctor, is there any problem?”
“Vijay, the wound in her hand would get cured in another couple of days. I have now given her an injection to sleep. But …” , Shyam was not sure how he would tell it.
“Yes doc..”, Vijay was interrupted by Shyam. “Call me Shyam”, he said.
“Ok Shyam. Tell me”, Vijay felt comfortable addressing him by name.
“Your wife…”, Shyam fumbled. ”Your wife was attacked by Hashna. Hashna forced her to die. Hashna cut her hand. Not just this. The previous incident, in which my mom was told about the mystery in the house, it was Hashna. She had been a silent listener of all the conversation and incidents happening in your house", Shyam tried to put the words together.
“Hashna? Who is she? Why is she trying to kill Harini? She is nowhere here. How can she talk to your mom? I am going to file a complaint against her for creating the chaos.” Vijay spoke in haste.
“You can’t do that. You can’t file a complaint against Hashna. Your wife will get caught”, warned Shyam.
“What?” , Vijay was completely lost.
Vijay tried to speak something. Shyam took out his card and handed over to Vijay. Though he was addressed doctor in general, he was a psychiatrist.
“Your wife is suffering from a Mental trauma.”, Shyam explained.
“What?”, Vijay asked in confusion.
“I can explain you everything. But before that I demand an explanation. Why did your life change upside down after your wedding?”, Shyam put forth the most sensitive question. “You might think why you should share your personal details to a stranger like me. Trust me. We have to cure Harini’s mental trauma. We have to stop Hashna from hurting Harini further. Being a psychiatrist, I can help you with all of this.” Shyam spoke.

Vijay sensed truth in his words.
“I promise I will tell you everything. But what is the Trauma she is undergoing. Why can’t I complain about Hashna?”
“You cannot file a complaint against Hashna or harm her because it will harm your wife only...”Shyam pasued. “...because Harini and Hashna are the same person. Your wife is suffering from dissociative identity disorder; in common terms, split personality disorder”.
Vijay was shocked. His confused and terrified mind drifted eight years back.

To be continued here....

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