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But just say I love you-6

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, India)

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Chapter- 6

“What the heck is wrong with her? Harini … ”, Vijay screamed.
“Yes”, Harini came out of the kitchen, holding her head.
“What is this?”, Vijay furiously showed the crumbled paper in front of her.
“I don’t know, Vijay”.
“Vijay, she is lying. I saw her searching it in your bag for something. She clearly took out the paper, crumbled it and dropped it in the trash. I saw it.”, Shwetha narrated.
“What do you have to say for this?”, Vijay demanded.
“No. I don’t know anything about this.” Harini cried helplessly.

Hashna was feeling great. Her plan worked out well. The innocent Harini was now being confronted and interrogated.

“That weak piece of pain will now cry. It will irritate my Vijay. He is going to blast her,” Hashna thought.
She also felt a little sad for Harini, for being accused for her mistakes. It made no sense. But Hashna was happy. She did not like anybody around her, except her Vijay.

“Don’t try to fool me”, Vijay snarled.

Harini was in tears. ”Why are you embarrassing me in front of everybody?”, Harini asked.
“Do you really know what this paper means to me? It is a 2 million dollar business I have signed for my company. You spoilt my life, you spoilt my happiness, now you are trying to ruin my career, aren’t you?”, Vijay’s fury was at its peak.

“Your life is mine, your happiness is mine, and your career growth is mine. You are my life, you are my love. Why would I ever ruin your life?”, Harini was in tears.

Shwetha felt bad for Harini. She was so miserable to look at.

“Anyways , Vijay. The paper is now with you, right? Leave it”, Shwetha spoke, in an attempt to stop Vijay.
"Stupid Shwetha. What bothers you? Let him scold her a little more." Hashna gritted her teeth.

Vijay was silent for a few moments. He stared at Harini and moved on to get ready.

Shwetha approached Harini. She held her close.
“Harini, why did you do like this?”
“No Shwetha,I did not. This is not the first time. Such incidents are happening. I am being accused for things that I am never committing", Harini wept.

‘Yes, you will be accused for all that I do. The more innocent and ignorant you are, the easier for me.’ Hashna thought.

“Ok Harini. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine soon.”, Shwetha assured. “I am moving up and will pack the things up. I have a flight at 12.30. I will inform Vijay. We will leave ourselves”, Shwetha continued.

Harini felt lost. Her life was not taking her anywhere. She covered her face. She did not want to cry. She wanted to send off Shwetha first.

It was 11 AM when Shwetha and family had brunch and left for airport.

Vijay was returning from office as the series of incidents at home had been continuously disturbing him. He had no mood to concentrate on his work. He was waiting in a signal for a long time, awaiting the light to turn green. He was just few minutes away from home.

He was just staring at random things on the road, thoughts struck somewhere. Something in front of him suddenly caught his eyes. He blinked few times before he could get a clear picture.

He saw Harini walking into a shop which was for mortgaging gold jewelry. He was shocked. He was confused. Before he could understand what was happening, he was startled by the series of loud honks. The signal was now green. He immediately started his car, moved few meters, stopped the car and slowly watched the shop.

There was no sign of Harini. After a few minutes, she walked away, stuffing her wallet into her bag. Vijay rushed into the shop.
The shop was small. There were few other customers, who were attended by the people working there. Owner was seated in the cash counter, scrutinizing some bills with his half glasses.
“Excuse me , Sir. I am Vijay”, Vijay offered a hand.
The shop owner looked at him in a weird way. Probably the hand shake was too much for him, Vijay thought.
“Yes, what can I do for you?”, asked the shop keeper.
“A lady, who just walked out of your shop, I need to know why she was here”, Vijay struggled to gather words.
“Sorry, I cannot reveal about my customers”, the shop owner folded his hands.
“She is my wife”, Vijay showed his mobile. "We had to mortgage her jewelry for a personal need for money. I am now financially better. I just want to gift her back the jewelry we mortgaged here”, Vijay lied.

“No, I cannot give my customers jewels to any other personnel”, the shop keeper was strict.

Vijay now made it clear that Harini had been here to mortgage her jewelry. He remembered her telling that her most favorite one was missing. He made a wild guess. He described a jewelry, which Vijay once gifted to her.
“Sir, please listen. We had to mortgage a jewelry, a few days back. It is a thin knotted chain with a small sunflower pendant. The pendant has amethyst stones inscribed in it. There would be few beads hanging”, Vijay completed his description.

The shop keeper was stunned by the Accuracy; he was not sure even if the girl who mortgaged would remember.

He went in and came out with a box. He took out the chain from it, handed it over to Vijay. Vijay studied it for a moment. It was his gift. It was the exact thing he was talking about. He peeped into the box. There were lot more jewelries, most of them was gifted by him.
“Excuse me, Mr. I showed you just because you were able to tell about it perfectly”, the shop keeper broke his chain of thoughts.
“What do you want to know now?”, he demanded.
“I am taking this. Please tell me how much to pay”, asked Vijay. The shop keeper gave him the details.

He took the jewelry along with him. He was back in his car to home. He was confused. Had she been mortgaging for a long time? If yes, what was the reason? Though he had not been in a good relationship with her, he had always been transferring a decent sum to her Account for her usage. He did not want her to ask him for her personal needs. ’ Then why should she do it? Strange!’, Vijay thought.

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