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Dear Lover

by Kavya Sharma
(New Delhi, India)

You can call me a carcass,
a carcass filled with leftover flesh…
I reek of lovers that left behind
a butchered soul
with white lilies and a name;
gallons of regret lies unassisted
in my hollow being
I scream your name
scratching leaky walls-
it’s a scary thing, to be caught
fighting my own mind
it whistles in agony,
I am bird tied to the edge
of your prison,
a wing of mine still flies
in hope, while the other falls apart
like sand castles under sea waves
Do you recall feeling my insides?
there are thorns now
of unknown origins,
they’ll pinch your attempts
as much as they pinch mine-
find me in bloodbath
when you fail to see
my needs flowing along-
remember, you once caressed
my face for some drunk kisses
and I agreed,
now and then
do take out time
to call me your lover
today and tomorrow.

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