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Deja vu - contd

by Sebin Mathew
(Mumbai, India)

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A half burnt piece of paper was later found in the fireplace.

Test Patient No: 3
Diagnosis Report (Day 49)
Summary: Patient suffers from Schizophrenia. Believes has abilities of premonition.
........Patient has successfully completed task no 13….. Patient has been assigned tasks to test various levels of psychosis….... Patient is delusional and is easily manipulated to do even uncomfortable task.……..Planned mugging and stabbing of patient was necessary to motivate patient to proceed further with the tests……
Remarks: Intensity of tasks to be increased further to test patient’s breaking point.
Dr. Philip Budding

Years later, Dr Philip Budding was arrested by the police in connection with an online game, enforcing its players to do set of psychological tasks. Players showed signs of penance and contrition and some even committed suicide.
Dr. Philip considered a narcissist has confessed to the crimes and opted for a plea bargain with the police and even divulged additional details of other murders and crimes committed in his earlier days.

Note: This is a fictional story inspired by the recent blue whale game incidents.

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