Doctor's Delight - Valentine Princess

By Manohar Naidu

A new restaurant “ Doctor’s Delight” came up near our Government Hospital.  The hospital was located in a busy road, but  was just a walking distance from the entrance gate.

The exterior was well thought of and designed with green foliage and open area.  The main door  was wooden artfully carved.   Interior was ultra modern,vibrant and creative with soft concealed lighting and intelligent colour combination. Seating arrangements were comfortable.  The whole surrounding was cosy  in  air conditioned hall with eclectic decorative details.  The  food was of very high quality, cooked under personal supervision with the use of high quality fresh ingredients, served by extremely courteous staff with most hygienic way. The rates were also higher than anyone around. It was inaugurated on Dusserra day by one Andhraite couple . His name was Murthy and his wife’s name was Geetha.  While doing make-shift jobs in catering, he acquired remarkable proficiency in hospitality service.  Added to that Geetha  had also acquired MBA in Hotel Business Management.  The net result was “ Doctor’s Delight” and it became the most popular amongst doctors.  Murthy family  knew every doctor by name. When anyone visits, they are  greeted by name either by Murthy or Geetha. Arrangements made during Diwali and New Year’s night was extremely well and memorable.

While going through the letters of the day, I received one personal invitation letter from the management of Doctor’s Delight for a dinner for a couple with surprise programme on 14th February on the occasion of Valentine Day. Only 15 couples were invited.  Immediately I phoned  Dr. Amit , my fiance about the invitation  and requested to ensure no other commitments on that evening and also informed him the time 8 O’clock and table No. 13 . Dr.Amit and me had studied in the same college and he was two years senior to me.  I did my post graduation in Gynecology and Amit did in Ophthalmology and opened his private  clinic near the Government hospital whereas I was a senior doctor in Govt. hospital. We were to get married shortly. As such I did not wish to miss this invitation.

On 14th evening, after completing my evening prayer, I got ready little early for the party since I wanted to go to the hospital for some work enroute to Doctor’s Delight.  On the way I bought a bouquet full of 14 fresh roses and kept in the front vacant seat along with my ladies purse. Before starting the car, I gave a call to Amit and informed him that I am already on my way and will reach on time after finishing the work in the hospital.  Just short of five kilometers to hospital, I saw one auto, rashly driven, over took my vehicle from right and could not avoid big ditch, which had come up due to recent rains, and the three wheeler overturned.  I stopped my vehicle on side and locked the car. I was shocked  to see a young woman, appeared to be having full time pregnancy laying on road. She was young, curly hair with fair complexion wearing wedding ring, neatly dressed in saree and having delicate chain around the neck with pendant of Holy Cross. There was no external visible injury. The man, perhaps her husband, came out from auto, appeared to be shaken , helpless and looked around. He was tall,  french cut beard with an  average complexion and neatly combed hair.  I could immediately realise the dilemma of the man and checked the lady . She was unconscious due to shock.  With the help of people around, I put her in the car along with her husband.  On the way, the man John Anthony, a teacher in convent school explained that since his wife Maria was having labour pain, he was taking her to government hospital and this accident occurred.  I told him to be calm. "I am Dr. Pooja and going to the same hospital."

While driving towards the hospital, I alerted the Emergency Section and also Matron of Gynecological section to be ready for emergency  delivery case. On reaching the porch, my staff took care of Maria and I went for parking the car.  I picked up the bouquet and my bag and walked straight to the Emergency Room, and saw that the duty doctor  was already attending to Maria.  After a thorough check up, followed with quick consultation, it was decided to carry out caesarian section immediately to save Maria and the child. The necessary undertaking and paper work was got done and Maria’s chain was handed over to her husband by the nursing staff. Since, there was no time for calling any other doctors I decided to perform  the surgery. The Anesthesiologist  had reached. I went into my chamber, put off the cell phone and bag, changed over to operation gown, cap ,mask and  pair of gloves after my washing hands. Later, I entered the OT where every thing appeared to be in order. The red light on top of the OT door was put on.

After 90 minutes or so, the red light was put off.  I came out and saw Anthony anxiously waiting and expectantly looking at me.  I smiled and said “ Both the mother and the child are fine. Maria is under sedation and she has given you a beautiful healthy baby girl “Valentine Princess” and its my delight. Anthony with clasped hand  said “ Thank you Doctor, you are a God sent ANGEL “ and knelt down, prayed God with the Holy Cross in hand.”Have a look at your baby Mr.Anthony,” I said and left for my cabin after giving suitable instructions to the nursing staff.

I picked the cell phone and activated it, and saw a couple of missed calls from Dr.Amit.  I made a quick dress up, picked up bag along with bouquet and left for Murthy’s restaurant on foot.

Short story continued here.....