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Doggy Mommy

by Pretty Maggam
(Pleasanton, United States )

A doggy can replace a human friend. But be it a dog or a human, a Mother is a Mother! There is no replacement. This Article is a true voice of a Mother Doggy. A truly rare experience.


Enter the gates, and you will be my guest. If I don’t like you, until you leave I shall woof and protest !!. They call me our home’s shepherd, but my name is ‘Alice’ for your records.

There comes my sister as the way she likes to be called. But she is like my mother, giving me her all in all.

Sister love!!!, she says. Maybe she wants to feel younger. May be yet because I’m already a nursing mother. We talk in signs and voices, and we understand every word of each other. But this one time it was a difficult drive, maybe only a real mother would know it faster.

My milk for the day is exhausted and my kids need so much more. I run to my sister to tell her that I need her hand to help me more. I looked straight into her face and said, “My babies need food, can you please help?”. With a bright face, she answered, “Yes, Alice girl! What are you up to?”. I repeated, “My kids need food, and I don’t have enough milk in me”. Looking into my stressful eyes, she uttered, “Are you angry?, What happened?”. Oh, man! No!, and I start shouting, “The little ones need to be fed, can you please help?”. Okay now I get it, “is someone at the gate?” she said. I was yelling loud, but all the while she heard only woof and woof. Now I know I cannot give up. Not because I’m a dog, it is because I am a Mother.

I licked her sour yet tasty hands. I did not but concentrate on the taste this time, though. I strived and tried to pull her up. “Ok, you want
to take me somewhere, I get it”, she stood up finally. I need to take her there now, which is quite upstairs. Looking at me taking the stairs, “Upstairs!!???”, she said with a disheartened voice. “I had a very long day girl”, said my sister with a very tired voice.

I continued to try loud. “You fool, please come”. She really didn’t want to but yes she loves me. She followed me to the cool food store. “Oh! The refrigerator!, Girl, you are hungry! I am so sorry!”, she said. She picks out a yummy snack and hands it over to me. Oh, man! The kids can’t have this. And how am I going to tell this? I was so disappointed. Spitting down the snack onto the floor, I almost gave up. But no! Because I am a Mother.

With a surprised face, she said, “What! Not even your favorite snack? What else do you want?” She did not give up either.

Aha!!! I have an idea.! I picked up the tossed-out snack. I walked and made her follow. I made sure she followed me to the little ones. And I dropped the snack close to them.

“Oh my God!! Oh my God!!”, she shouted. With tears, she said, “YOU WANT ME TO FEED THE LITTLE ONES!!!”. Aaaaah!!! Now I sit. “I am too exhausted today and I need your help”, I said in a low and thin voice.

She rushed back to make the right food. Of course, I followed. She took a little time and ran to my little ones. She held my kids with her soft hands and shared my love for them.

She took each of them carefully into her hands. As she nuzzled the juicy food into their tiny lips she said, “My dear girl! My love!, Are you relaxing now? You are so exhausted today, right? Yet you have not given up?. She continued, “So this is what it means to be called, ’Mother’.”


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