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Even To Odd

by Ramesh
(Kochi, India)

Years go and Years come
time and space may not yet realize them,
Its we who peruse on to the events of some
and yet to pursue where the few goodness come from

who bothered the tree uncut and standing?
who bothered the free and windy breeze?
who bothered the gathering birds singing?
who bothered the deep roaring seas?


Yes, we caught the wrong men playing
Yes, we posed to stop devil's ease
Yes, we woke up the angles in us sleeping
Yes, we did invest in the candles of peace

Shouldn't we realize the glory of that lover,
who fought till heaven for her stay
Shouldn't we realize the kindness of that clergy
who let the mass of eed to pray
Shouldn't we realize the wisdom of the old man
who fed the Lankan's hunger crave
Shouldn't we realize the beauty of that women
who lead the left of so said rights, to smile
Shouldn't we realize that brave men sailing
who guarded our owns to still stay still in high

May the year get the glory from the past
may our fights continue till the last
may we sing in the voices that we mast
but ,may we also learn to respect that those we lost
and, may we also see the beauty in the vast

let the new still hold the bests of the old
but may we feel to clean the rusts
and still shine the few left golds

let the chaos always tend to the balance
let what the even twelve dint
may still the odd thirteen do

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Jan 09, 2013
by: nuggehallipankaja

Has portrayed the anguish of the present well!

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