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Face of the Year-Part 4

by Prema Sastri
(Bangalore, India)

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Face of the year - Part 4

She went back into the room,
Picked up the phone,
Spoke to her banker,
Made changes in her accounts. To her lawyer.
Asked for papers.

To a young agent,
Who had been pleading for an appointment
He was a rising star.
Full of energy,
Ready to do anything to get a lucky break.
She would give it to him.
He would listen to her.
Pay her attention.
She remembered another time.
A young man listening to her.
His fingers brushing hers.
The glow in her heart.
A gift she had not unwrapped for years.
She would do it now.


She made a dinner engagement with the agent.
He could not believe his luck.
She went to her wardrobe
Filled with clothes from international courtiers.
Took out red harem pants
A white top.
A silver sash.
She put on silver sandals,
As she waited for him to come..
She looked into the mirror.
It reflected The Face Of The Year.
She laughed, loudly.
Rejoiced at the sound of her own voice.
His picture was on her dressing table.
She tore it into pieces.


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May 29, 2011
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Awesome narration in verse!

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