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Feelings of Silence and Another Poem

by Anee Gogoi

Silence Silence Silence
Everywhere silence
Never I feel
Never I thought
What would happen to him.
The day was there.
When he cracks jokes.
When he would say funny tales.
But this sullenness never I felt
that it would change him a lot.
I know God is there.
I know he loves me.
What I pray he does.
But this time I say to him.
Do good,make him ok.
I know you will do.
And that day will sure come.


Sometimes I feel myself

By Anee Gogoi

Sometimes I feel myself
That my wishes will never complete.

Sometimes I feel myself
That I would not become a perfect girl.

When I want to do something
There is only restrictions.
I wish !I think myself
I am lonely and unwanted.

But still there is a hope.
When the success will kiss me .
I will wait patiently till that sweet time.
Sometimes and sometimes I feel myself


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