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First Kiss

by Varsha Purohit
(California, USA)

Things between Sushma and Suraj were not going right since long time. While dressing up for their wedding party that night Sushma was trying to think since when she went far away from Suraj's heart. They were in love and they got married after fighting against all odds. But since couple of years, there was lot of influences from both the families and she felt that she was drifting away from Suraj. She felt that things can never be right between them.

Since couple of years, they just never seemed to talk anymore with each other. They exchanged few words in a day like greeting good morning to each other, Suraj would read the morning newspaper before leaving to work and talk about any eye catching headline related to politics or bollywood and she would just nod her head in return. She felt that there is politics everywhere home, office and in the world. She faced problems with her in-laws since it was her 3rd wedding anniversary and she didn't conceive a child ! They suspected that she could never become mother and some of his relatives would make bad faces to her in other parties. After seeing all this she stopped visiting her in-laws and that made things worse between Suraj and her. Somewhere deep down the heart she respected and even loved her family but that love seemed to have lost somewhere.

Suraj, on the other hand was the only son in law in Sushma's family. He never got the respect he should have got in Sushma's family. It was a love marriage and being from two different castes it was their decision to get married. Although, her family forcefully agreed for the marriage they never showed affection towards Suraj and it bothered him and his family. However, he always hoped that he can fix the relation between him and Sushma's family. But since couple of years, he seemed to be fighting with Sushma and even raised his hands on her infront of his parents once. He was slowly realizing how much pain Sushma was taking after marrying him. She lost her parent's affection, she didn't get the love from her in-laws and he was the only person in her life who could make her life better or worse.

His friends organized a lovely party for the couple in a small dinner cruise near the bay.
"We are goin to be late" he said while adjusting
his tie.
"These shoes don't go with the dress I am wearing", she stared at her feet.
"I think they are fine" he said without even looking at her.

How can a relationship between two individuals change just in the matter of time? Has he really changed so much? Such thoughts started popping up in Sushma's mind.

She sat in the car silently, listening to a radio station which neither of them liked. May be its time to move on she thought. They didn't had any kids to worry about. May be because they never talked about kids, because somewhere in their heart they felt it wasn't for them.

They drove past to Ocean park near Harbor drive where a twinge of memory struck to Sushma. A sudden rush of emotions ran throughout her body like never before. She turned to Suraj to verify whether he is feeling the same, to her surprise he was smiling. He suddenly dropped his smile and stopped the car near the street. She thought the marriage that was held by a thread was about to end.


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He walked past the trees and said "Sush, do you remember we had our first kiss in this park?" "We came to celebrate our graduation with other friends, you had lot of beer that night." she said.

"Suddenly, I planted my first kiss on your lips and i felt like imaginary rose petals showering on us". He said, "Come here my love. On the occasion of our 3rd marriage anniversary I want to kiss you like never before. I want to show you my stash of unlimited love & affection". Suraj said.

"Suraj.. I always loved you.. But I don't know where our relationship is going now.." Sushma started crying like a baby.

"Don't cry Sush. I am your culprit. I have decided to show you the brighter side of this marriage. You have left your family, your world and came to my family. You trusted on me so much. So hold on to it. I promise you today that you will never cry because of me anytime in your life."

They paused for a moment. They looked into each others eyes deeply and saw within each other what they hoped and longed to see for so long. Suraj held Sushma in his arms and planted his kiss again at the same spot. Snow flakes started to fall on them as they kissed.

The End

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Jan 11, 2013
by: Sheba malar

True love never fails.You beautifully depicted the current situation of the love marriage,the only problem is they never think about their past.superb.........

Nov 10, 2011
by: Sooraj

It was really gud, hw u wrote this much feelings with in some of short words..... Amzing work

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