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Gangs Of thermodynamics

by Priya Mali
(Mumbai, India)

Welcome to the 'gangs of thermodynamics';
the gang feared by all.

They are the voters who themselves play the elections;
It's the Gaziabad of all the chapters;
as their popularity mentions.

Let me introduce you to the basics of all the elections;
it's the parameters, their states, and the system.
The friendship is elite and legit everyone are linked;
Wont forget the the thermodynamic processes who is everyone's flink.

The next comes the chaos causing members of the gang;
Yes they are the SI units their conversions and the Dimensions.
The units control their consequences but the converse isn't true ;
As the property for "Dimensions being similar for the properties ",
gives perplexation to the rule.

Long live these parties which fight for the rule;
The Heat, the work & the internal energy as leaders.
The three being the kings is the Miraj after all;
Because it's the sign conventions, the queen who controls them all.

A warm welcome to the presidents of the gang;
It's the 4 laws that everyone bows upon.
Complicated in their own game but remembered by a joke;
(0) You have to play the game,
(1) You can't win;
(2) You can't break even ,except if very cold;
(3) Jokes on you , it doesn't get that cold.

Here comes the member popularly known for their twinning;
One's equivalence leads to others and so do the violation;
The proof of the converse favoured the winning of the game;
Yes they are the Kelvin Planck and Clausius known for twinning but not the name.

We all know it's 4 laws would always win the game;
But didn't think about the cycles who made everyone stand in the lane;
It's the Carnot and Stirlings cycles of the chapters;
Themselves being boring but their applications made the chapter.

Long live the king! resounded with an echo;
All the members bowed before them;
It were the problems of thermodynamics !
whom no one were able to solve without an error.


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