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Guardian Spirit

by B.R.Nagpal
(New Delhi, India)

Like the crystal, inviolate stream

the radiance of spring

unspoilt heavens in infancy

Thy presence is tranquil,

mysterious stillness.

Guardian Spirit

Come now

in Your fury and incoherence

to revive breath to breathless

heal the sick, bruised,

display profound wonders

of the other world

grant boons to your devotees

with unflinching surrender.

Reveal Thyself

like a tempest, tornado

Mother Goddess,

blot out the unwise, ignorant

erase the unreal, apparent

lift one from the cocoon of existing

to rise towards the path

of light invisible.

What, if the hedges that are all around

if knots are to be unlocked

winnowing feat has to go endless

kernel is to be sifted from the husk,

innermost etching is to be preserved

in its manifold manifestations.


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