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Head and Heart

by Janki Patel
(Vadodara, India)

On a rainy day
I passed by the window pane in my way
Which compelled me to think
And not to avoid it,
This time——
Just like I run away from it everytime.
As if,it was a threat;
The only question paper which,
I tried to avoid it of
And the question was,
Who was right?
My heart or head
Which now are conflicting
On roads of opposing;
The wishes of heart
Wanted to be free and run naked
Under the beautiful azure-amber sky
Above lushy grass
But the head incongrues it
And grunts me the responsibilities,
An ungraceful routine
Acting like if it was it earmarked for it;
This,the bell rang suddenly,
And all I could answer my conscience——
Was a grimace and huh,
With a pallor face
Wishing to resign.


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Mar 31, 2020
Nicely written !!!
by: Sarang

Good write up mate !

Keep up the good work ....

Dec 22, 2019
Osum !
by: Your Name:Ishita Gandhi

You are truly good!!

Dec 21, 2019
Heart and head
by: Your Name:

Hope everyone likes the poem

Dec 21, 2019
Heart and head
by: Janki

Hope the readers like the poetry

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