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I am a Martyr

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

I am a Martyr
I laid my life,
Left my parents
I left my wife,

I am a Martyr
I am proud,
Of everything I did
To save this crowd,

I am a Martyr
I was trained,
To stand in snow
Or when it heavily rained,

I am a Martyr
Don't sympathize,
If you feel for me
Don't spread lies,

I am a Martyr
I was trained to die,
To kill hundred enemies
Before leaving for sky,

I am a Martyr
My family is strong,
God shall save them,
Nothing shall go wrong,

I am a Martyr
I want what is right,
Within the nation
Brothers shouldn't fight,

I am a Martyr
Don't forget my name
Take care of the country
Don't bring it shame,

I am a Martyr
I shall leave,
To be reborn a soldier,
To keep death on my sleeve,

I am Martyr
My child is brave,
When he grows up
The country he shall save,

I am a Martyr
I bid adieu
I shall return
To take my due

I am a Martyr
Sleep in peace tonight
My brothers still stand there
Guarding the borders day and night.


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