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I Saw Someone Die

by Alino
(Kolkata, India)

I saw someone die
It was a person
It was a dream
It was a hope

He was sitting in his room
on a Sunday afternoon..

I don't know what struck his mind
He wanted to do this crime

And how did a piece of glass get to his hand..
I think it was already planned..

There was still hope in his eyes..
He's been constantly changing his mind with these lies.

He stood for like an hour in front of the mirror.
Looking at how everything made him a killer.

A small cut on his wrist,
With the piece of glass, made him remember when he was in 6th
At the time he accidentally cut his finger tips
And he was scared at the horror of how he bleeds.

But maybe all the scars in his heart made him stronger.

He quickly got out of his reverie and started pushing the brutal piece of glass upon his wrist..

the glass started tearing his skin and went deep down to his bones .passing the veins ,the muscles..
The wound was so deep
Like Moses split the river with his stick.

By the time he was done with his forearm..
He was already unconscious.
And fell down on the ground.
He was lying on his own flood.
Never have I seen so much blood..
It was already a site of terror..

His blood started coming out of his room..
A mother would step over her child's blood .
She screamed out of fear..
All the other's came, who never cared.

They started banging in his dorm.
But did they even know ?
There was never someone alive in this room?

The door was broken and the sight of horror they got..
It was like a nightmare..
They saw their son lying on the ground like a slaughtered goat..
They were not upset but scared..
although they never cared.

But there was a smile on his face..
I guess he was relieved.
And there was a letter floating in his blood..
"I was weak" ..said a bloodied piece of paper..

What happens to their dreams? I wonder when a person dies.
Is there even a God? Who would listen to their cries?

Yes I saw a person die.
It was me..
I couldn't keep myself from this lie.


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Sep 25, 2019
by: kashif

Good writing.

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