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I Want to be Born!

by Neelam Tyagi
(Bhopal, India)

I know when a child is born,
The stars light up the way.
The sun dawns a bright new day,
The birds chirp in merriment,
and say, "A bundle of joy is sent your way!"

I am your daughter a twinkling star sent your way,
to add to your comfort and joy.
To light up your life, with the radiant light!
To make it shine bright.

I am waiting to be called,
I am waiting, to be held in your arms.
Please call me, “Come my angel come, your dad is waiting
for you!"
"Your grandparents are waiting too."

But my request as always has gone unheard!
This time too will I be greeted by silence?
Will your doors still remain closed?
Will, I again be pushed into the darkest of the darkness
to flicker and die?

Oh Daddy, how can you let this happen?
I am a part of you, please ask them to stop!
It hurts to be turned down by you.
I am your little princess, how can you let me die?
I will not give up, I will keep coming back,
till you embrace me, with open arms!

I know even today sons are prized
and I am despised.
But I know if given a chance my mother,
you would raise me with pride.
This is the reason enough for me to keep trying!

Dear Mother, “I will be born into this world,
which looked so beautiful through your eyes!”
“I will be born, born to live, to be the apple of
your eye!”
“I will be born to see your heart swell with pride,
to make you realise that I am not a curse but a blessing
by your side!”

I promise dad,
“I will make you proud!”
“I will stay true to my words.”
“I promise to love you with my entire heart.”
“Just give me one chance, to be born and to live!”
“I may not reach out for the stars but I will stay close
to your heart!”

I promise dad,
“Even if you, don’t give me the best in life
I will always strive to bring the best by your side.”
“If you, give me freedom and wings to fly,
I will embrace all my dreams.”
“Just give me a chance to be me,
beyond this darkness, you will be able to see
a new horizon a new beginning sent your way through me!”


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