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I Will Never Miss You

A Short Story By Anoop Pandey

This is a story only inspired by real and perceptual stories which is strictly based on factionalism and written by me. If it meets with any others then it might be only coincident. Thus, then, you'll find this is a story of Vivan who is a NRI, gets influenced with an Indian girl Tanisha in Romania. He finds her to be his life when she left him off, however she didn't want so. Her parents get murdered in a fake accident by his uncle and fiancé. Anyhow she manages to escape and survived. When Vivan came to India later in his tour, he finds her. Now exactly one year later he has been invited on the stage at a NGO, Powai-Mumbai as its Chief of guests, CMD and founder of Bist InterCom Romania. Here he speaks what he has to say… Let’s view his view… Let’s find out what about the story is...

On June 21, 2016 at Mumbai- India
At Healthy India for Prosperous India (An NGO), Powai- Mumbai

It is the same place where I did find her, my life who is now my wife. It was exactly one year ago coincidently but seems like it was happened only yesterday.  But it is the same place, the same city which made my life changed. No matter more or less I became Indian more than ever, psychologically like other citizens of India. I’m sure I wasn’t ever before so like I am now.  May be not as other NRIs, because I didn’t get Indian passport yet or they send so much of dollars which contributes to magnify the Stock of Foreign Currency but my mind and heart became Indian. I have now shifted my business in great profit than ever since I found her. We had visited India again to get married here after two months since then. Today we both came here yet again to see our first concurring /meeting after so longed and spaced existence like drops of rain are falling in dessert after more than decade.

Tanisha and I are  supposed to visit the same NGO which is a non-profit organization established by Tanisha and her colleagues when she used to reside and work in an IT firm in Mumbai, helping the people of city to get the availability and facility of proper guidance, awareness and knowledge for being healthy and happy with the help of yoga and other physical activities.

Yes, people are still used to come here to enhance their happiness, their essence of existence like they were coming on that day and thus, they say it rightly that their health which is real wealth indeed. They’d worked well and prevailed. As more people seem to be aware of its theme and goals. I loved it. Yes, loved that Tanisha had given its name and theme. It’s really a very good and effective name which could impact on people’s psyche for an evolution, for themselves, for society. Now it has been appreciated by state government too. It is A Healthy India for Prosperous India. Great. Isn’t it?

Here we reached at the function organized by them. I also joined this NGO like Tanisha who reside in Romania with me and still works for this from there but I wanted to donate money if they want. So they’ve asked us this time. Mr. Govind who is, an enthusiastic and zealous volunteer, eagerly managing and anchoring on stage, asked me to say something whatever I have to. I come on stage. There were more than thousands people… Roaring … BHARAT MATA KI JAY! BHARAT MATA KI JAY! …

“NAMASTE Mumbai… Namaste India… This is an honor for me to be here and to speak in front of you. I know how much you people love your country. I know how much you people are alive and well and so am I being with you.  And as being an NRI I also feel proud for India and for me being an Indian. This is an International day for Yoga, today which is being celebrated on initiatives taken by India. And also there were many evidences that India was real breeder of yoga since ancient era. So like this and thus, these initiatives and efforts of Indian government, especially efforts of, Honorable PM of India, and also this NGO ‘Healthy India for Prosperous India’, should be appreciated and applauded by not only Indians or its supporters but also by its adversaries too. I believe India and its citizen are being changed, evolved and developed, despite of various negative aspects like terrorism, drought and social inequalities and inequities. Its people believe in humanity, this is only kind of their kind. I’ve been found you people fearless and determined for its integrity. The same efforts needed for your own health too, for strengthen it and thus for prosperous India. No one can be  wealthy if he/she is not healthy. The same is applicable for India.

Apart from its theme, actually, I want to let you know how I got into this NGO and how I influenced its works. Before that I want to declare that I am, Vivan Bist, as CMD of Bist InterCom Romania, sworn fully take a membership of this group to help needy people, which would be like to help myself to liquidate my duties being patriotic Indian as well. And also, I want to donate some funds to this Organization which is a sum of 5 million $. The fund will be given by my company in three installments. The first would be sum of 2 million $ and rest two would be of 1.5 million $. We’ll seek again such opportunity to donate or when if they ask.”
People get roaring… Hurrah… hurrah…

“This is same place where my life changed. Do you want to hear or to reveal how I’d affectionately found Tanisha when there was no hope indeed?”

People in crowd starts roaring again…. Yes… yes… We want to hear… Hurrah… hurrah…

“Okay… Friends… Here,we go…
Vitan Metro Station on January 08, 2014 in Bucharest, Romania

It was 7.52 am (UTC +3), the train was arriving and masses were getting prepared to board in, but I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing. I was seeing several men, women and also many college/school going kids but all those didn’t get any of my attention. However, I could sense I too had to board in very that train unless I would get late to reach Herăstrău Park subway station then to avail company’s transportation service by bus up to the office, but at very moment, I was busy watching a girl who was seemed to be dejected with tears in eyes, seated at a bench for commuters. I saw her first today as I was at my last step on upstairs of subway. At that moment I ignored her as I got a call from one of my colleagues. It was only 3 to 4 minutes would have passed since then and so I’d informed by my phone thru a call summary. I took out The România Liberă (a top selling daily newspaper in Romania) from my bag pack-cum-rucksack which I brought from a newspaper seller’s stall as I usually do on a daily basis. I used to see her boarding in the same train which I used to take every day. Although I’d talked with her only two times before, casually, but this time I wanted to talk to her, ask her what has happened and so did my heart too. Actually my mind was sunk in thoughts but I realized I had to take only this train and only then that train honked as to warn me. And it did so again signaling to depart. I found myself missed that train and so did she too. I got irritated that missing. The platform seemed to be a dreary. Again I saw her, this time being more familiar even I hadn’t seen her that much to get her notice.

‘You too missed that train today like I did’, I moved towards her.

‘O’ Yeah, there was so rush that I couldn’t manage to. And it’s peak hour in Bucharest.’ She replied after wiping her last tear. While I pretended as I didn’t see her tears.

‘By the way I am Vivan Bist, and work for a private organization.’

‘Hello, and my name is Tanisha Umar .’ She said and made bit of pout and smile.

‘If you don’t mind may I say something as I often see you here?’

‘Why not? I’ve seen you here many times before too.’

‘Don’t get wrong, please.’ I stopped and held my head in my palm to find my words to say.


‘You’re not looking that very girl that I have seen usually. I know it is very personal. You may opt not to reply if you don’t want.’

‘O’ please. It’ll not be that personal. I can guess. Don’t think like that.’
It was the first time I noticed her actually apart from her lovely and beautiful face. She wore blue denim which measured till just below the knees and a white top on which black jacket also attached. Wait, in fact I didn’t understand whether it was a top or jacket or both. Her black eyebrows were well made and making concinnity with her face. While few strands which were brown, falling one by one as fast breeze were kissing her face and forehead. I felt happy to miss that train, for her missing too. Had not missed that train definitely I would miss this opportunity to be there and so applicable for her.

‘Actually, my family is forcing me to get married soon whether I get any job here in Bucharest or not. Whereas they had promised me to not doing so in case if I get settled my career very soon.’ She continued after sipping some water from her bottle, ‘And now they crossed the limit.… And….’ I was gazing her moves.
Few tears rolled down from ocean depth black and charismatic eyes. I could see every single drop of tears. While next train arrived we both didn’t notice when it came, even its honking and announcement too. We boarded in same coach which came in front of us as I insisted her to do so. However, I knew she also carry appropriate ticket which would have cost her 32 Ron for a month like it did for me as it was cheaper than to go for daily.

‘And you don’t want to marry… Now… This is so simple. Just let them know. It’s not any big issue.’ I said while making some space to comfort her. I stood facing her while hers back faced the passage wall of the train near gate.

‘No, it is not that simple indeed. Actually, I belong to a small village near Moradabad India, and have pursued degree in engineering in CS from Universitatea din București earlier this year. But I didn’t get an appropriate job here because visa issues. I took admission in coaching institute to learn J2EE and Its Advance level programming two months ago. Since then I am seeing here every day except for Sundays because you don’t come on that days but I do. I’ve got scholarship from university which helped me to pay my tuition fee as well. Apart from this, my dad has made promise to those monsters to, marry me with their son so they provided money to pay my other expenses and fees. They’re my uncle’s relatives too. I’ve been brought here when I was only 8 years old by my uncle. Our apartment is in sector 4 but now I reside in Hostel. Although, I was too young and I hadn’t known all this,otherwise I wouldn’t have come here. He and my father have set my wedding plan.’ She said and stopped as she felt why she has been saying all this to me. So I guessed. Till then the train reached near Fundeni station. Neither of us realized it when  we left Centrul Civic station, which is most famous and rush full station in the city.

‘Well, you’ll get a good job there too, dear. I’ll make sure you to get it. I am also an ASE and I know few friends of mine working in reputed IT companies in India.’

‘I hope so. Thank you.’

Second meeting After 13 days on January 21, 2014 in Bucharest…

It was 8.09 am (UTC +3) and Monday, a fresh week had been started. I got late by half-n-hour today from my daily routine, waiting for train. Although, it was a public holiday, I had to come here as I needed some grocery items and beverages to buy. As usual, my eyes are glued to the front page of the România Liberă. I checked my wrist watch to know the exact time. I was astonished. I felt blessed at that occasion. What was it or who is it? Was it any kind of illusion or fallacy? Or was it she? The same girl I had met, in fact talked and concurred with her that day. I heard her voice saying ‘Hey, Buddy.’ And yes, I found her finally. So clearly it wasn’t any illusion or fallacy, finally.

‘How are you, Tanisha?’ I didn’t look at her but kept reading my best buddy in reality as I had ever realized so.

‘Fine… In fact, good. Why today so late? The IVR announcement and honks from trains made her soft and polite voice tough to hear easily.

‘Yeah…Stuck in traffic at E8 Muncii’, I kept away  newspaper back in bag. ‘Wow! You look very beautiful and gorgeous.’

I praised her on her fabulous dressing sense. She wore a hijab and it was all what I could sense about her dress. But her white beautiful face with black eyes, precise black but lightly colored eyelashes and sharp red lipstick, was real charm and central of attraction. A black silky scarf had wrapped her head and a stone studded on top of needle, has packed it on right upper head while on left shoulder she held a designer which was labeled as MINO MAESTRELLI,  brown leather bag.

‘So, are you on off today?’ She guessed as I was not in formals and enquired. She checked her phone. And got busy in, I hated it. I hated her phone as it was coming in between our talk.

‘Yeah… It’s Public holiday today. And I’ve to go market to buy some beverage and daily needy things for my own need.’ It was all I said then the next train arrived and we  boarded in. Again today in same way we had earlier.

‘Vivan, I am marrying a guy who is working in Qatar. They have made a plan. A final plan…He is a ME and runs a small machinery organization there.’ She said as she took a seat facing me beside the window.

‘What? What!’ I got surprised, as I’d never hoped to hear this, at least not at that very moment. I neither find any word to congratulate nor to solace her. Meanwhile a cop came to check our authorizations for being in Bucharest as he would find us anything but not native. He left us alone after finding us having appropriate authorities.

 ‘Yes. My independent journey would end here this week in Bucharest.’ The intensity of her voice was going slow down after each word. ‘And so I want to live it. On Thursday I’ll go to India.’

‘You’re ready. I mean you need to enjoy this, live your life how you love to. Let's forget about that nightmare. Or you can skip that too.’ I didn’t know why I said this to her. I doubt on me, whether I wanted her to live her independent life or I wanted to be with her,  as much as I could.

‘Yeah… I will… I hope… I don’t know… But I know this time I can’t.’

‘Okay, let’s change the mood. Why you don’t join us tonight? There is a small party at Dâmbovița Community hall, Vitan, sector 3 organized by ‘InterNations connecting the global minds’. I got in contact with so many Indians thru this only, so we’re going to celebrate tonight.

‘Yes. I will. But make sure you drop me to my hostel in Grozăvești which is in sector 6.’ Her stop Bd. Regina Elisabeta, has arrived then. ‘Meet me at Vitan 17.00 UTC.’
I’ve been waiting for her since 16.52 there. It is very sensitive and hard to realize every minute which has to be spared if you’re waiting for. If that is your girlfriend more or less or even likely to be, does not matter, and worsen if you’re not sure whether she’ll come or not. More than an hour has spent neither she came nor I moved any inch to make sure I have not missed her when she came. It became worst evening since I have been in Bucharest. Some part of my heart kept me waiting till 8.30 pm. I got lost in her thought that what would have happened to her? Something really and indeed would have happened to her. But she had to make me known at least. Had I not as worthy to get informed? I took out my phone to check if there was any message from her….

I got shocked as it displayed that I had received two messages… But it showed nothing, and as being started with 2 new messages from a new number which reads as …+40112… Who had wanted to know what the number is rather than what message does it contains. Not me, at least.

The story I will never miss you continues here......