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Ideas Never Die

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

Dr. Anirudh, a young cardiologist of Bengaluru, decided to move Jenina Goodu, a remote village in Karnataka with a noble cause of opening a charitable hospital.

The idea was flashed to him when he was watching the television. Several sick people in Jenina Goodu and surrounding villages were dying due to the non-availability of medical facilities. The village Jenina Goodu is situated 200 kilometers from Bengaluru and ten kilometers from the national highway. His sudden decision was a shock to his wife Dr. Suman. She confronted her husband and warned him to stop thinking such impossible ideas. But he was firm on his decision. Aniruddh had completed four years of practice and gained a very good reputation. He was practicing jointly with his wife. She belongs to a well to do family of doctors. Her parents were also practicing doctors in their own 500 beds Sanjeevani Multispeciality hospital. After marriage, Aniruddh joined his in-law’s hospital. He knew that the decision to move to a remote village was at the cost of his future career. Such an ambitious project involves huge investment, manpower, and bigger land required. The goal was good. But it was not an easy task for him.

His first visit to Jenina Goodu was to introduce himself to the prominent people of the village. Harsha Patwari, a retired teacher arranged a meeting in his house. He supported Aniruddh and promised him to extend all possible help. He offered his 2 acre land for his project. This open land near the Hanuman temple perfectly fulfills the rules of Vastu shastra. But this land was under dispute.

The problems connected with this land were so complicated that it was a herculean dispute task to solve. Harsha already sold this land to his brother in law Mahesh after getting token money. The deal was canceled, when Mahesh was unable to pay the agreed amount. But now Mahesh claims as an owner of the open two acres land after creating duplicate documents. The state government already warned Harsha not to sell the land and reserved it for the school building. The residents of the village demanded the same land to be kept exclusively for the expansion of the Hanuman
temple. Some people suggest the land should be kept for graveyards.

The devotees of Hanuman visit the temple for puja, bhajan, and keertana. Their wish was to form a trust to manage and develop the temple. In spite of all these hurdles, Aniruddh decided to go ahead. He thought the opening of a hospital here would be a boon to Jenina Gudu and nearby villages. In the absence of a hospital, people were traveling to the nearest hospital, which was 25 kilometers away. People were suffering a lot as they had to use all means of transport such as a cart, bicycle and bus. He was aware that a huge investment in this project would fetch no returns. He entrusted the job of purchasing the land to a senior advocate.

Out of curiosity, a villager advised Aniruddh.
"Sir, why do you purchase this land in this remote village. If at all, you win in the legal battle, your investment would be merely waste. No wise person invests money in a remote village. Instead, you can visit the village once a week. You can use the gram panchayat building for your hospital."

Dr. Aniruddh expressed thanks to him.
The villagers gathered there were laughing after hearing the future of Jenina Goodu. Dr. Aniruddh was confident that his investment would never go waste. He left the place and decided to come back with all preparedness. On the day he returned from Jenina Goodu, he was attacked by a group of people with weapons. It was the dirty plan of Mahesh. Aniruddh became panicky and shouted for help.

His wife Suman asked him what happened.
Aniruddh realized that it was a dream. The time was 12 in the midnight. He narrated the entire dream and asked Suman, " Is it possible whether the ideas obtained in dreams can become reality?"

She replied, "If you want to make your dream come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. Take what you can from your dream, make them as real as anything. Remember ideas never die.
"Yes! Suman I agree with your views. Impossible can be turned into possible provided he has got will power, dedication, and determination."

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