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In the Name of Fake Smiles

by Sangeetha Nandagopal
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

We always end up in the roles we never wanted to play,
But take them up,to witness some smiles often mistaken to be happiness;
The roles which don't make us content,though we embrace them with all our grit,
The ones we enact with false belief of losing our special ones if we don't play them well(playing real does not matter!).

But is there a need to act?
To show them what we are not, like instead of what we are like?
Is it a rational idea to disguise our life long earned personality?
And what about the need to indulge in fake smiles,
To falsely reassure that our unwilling compromises
and halfhearted sacrifices have shown us the path to eternal happiness!!

Why don't we just hold on a minute before plunging back,
Into our lives and roles now in the umpteenth level of difficulty..

There is a role a very few play,a seldom chosen one.
The role of being ourselves,
Of being that unique person who doesn't face
The need to walk in somebody else's shoes!
In which we choose what we want to be,
Where there is no hurting or hiding the self,
We breathe free with NOBODY TO PLEASE;
And we live the lives we are on this planet for!

BUT most of us don't dare to listen to our hearts,
Many don't dare to bring on a change of living for themselves.
When they pretend being unchanged,
What they never recognize is the cry of their hearts to let free!!

Nevertheless they go on to play their roles ,
With a hidden desire of comforting their weeping hearts someday,
when they will dare to listen to their souls

Till then,
Fake smiles are only what they sow and what they reap......


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