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Interview with Author Vidya Murlidhar

by Vidya Murlidhar
(Charlotte,North Carolina, USA )

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Vidya Murlidhar. I am a blogger and a children's book author. I grew up in Mumbai and now reside in Charlotte, NC with my husband, two teenage children, father-in-law and puppy. My articles have appeared in 'Chicken Soup for the Soul', 'Perfection Pending', 'Life Positive' and 'Mothers Always Write'. 'The Adventures of Grandpa and Ray' is my first children's book and is the first in a series. I write about the simple joys of everyday life and parenting and my musings are posted on

2. How did you start writing?

Writing always brought me joy. I wrote my first poem when I was six years old but did not pursue it seriously until a few years ago when I turned 40. On my birthday I started my blog. It was a gift to myself - a commitment to devote more time to doing something I loved. Initially I sent my work just to family and friends who encouraged me to keep writing and growing as a writer. I joined a local writer's group which turned out to be a wonderful and supportive group of writers and they gave me the confidence to send out my work to publications. It was one of the writers in the group who gave me the idea to make my poems into a children's book.

3. What is the greatest joy of writing to you?

To me, undoubtedly it is the ability to touch people's hearts through words.

4. What book has most influenced your life?

Just about the time that I started my blog, I came across a book called 'Dying to be Me' by Anita Moorjani. The book describes her Near Death Experience and how it changed her as a person. Her experience taught me that there is nothing to fear in life. Fear stops us from reaching our full potential. Earlier I worried about what people would say when they read my work. But after reading the book I realized the only way to live is to not hold back and that attitude spilled over into my writing too. I bare my soul in my work I write from the heart.

5. What has been your favorite writing journey and what did it create?

The best part of my journey has been connecting with readers all over the world. I've met the most wonderful people on this journey.

6. Do you write everyday, 5 days a week or as and when?

I write as and when time permits. When an idea comes to me, I outline the essay or poem in my mind and when I sit down to write, the words just flow.

7. What were the goals and intentions in this book and how well do you feel you achieved them?

'The Adventures of Grandpa and Ray' is an illustrated poetry book inspired by the special bond my son shares with his grandfather. The goal of the book is to highlight the great joys that comes in togetherness and simple pleasures of life and the important role grandparents play by being a positive influence in the lives of their grandchildren. From the response we have received from our young readers I think my buddy, Sharon Dev who has illustrated the book and I done a very good job of getting the message across.

8. What do your friends and family think about your writing?

My friends and family think my writing is genuine and comes from the heart.

9. Please tell us a little about your latest work.

My friend and talented illustrator, Sharon Dev, and I are now working on book 2 of the children's book series, 'Tiny Tales from the Heart'. The second book is about a princess and how she discovers the true meaning of beauty, We hope to release this book in the next couple of months.

10. Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Writing energizes me. It transports me to a beautiful world.

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