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It's Your Fault

by Sonalika Arora
(Amritsar, India)

No, you shouldn’t laugh out loud,
A woman must act demure.

No, you mustn’t travel,
For a woman must mind the house.

No, you can’t go ‘Choose’,
It offends the MEN of dignity.

The law makers,
The Saviours of society,
Decreed your acts and breaths.

Follow the Patriarchs,
Adhere to their norms,
It’s your religion.

No, don’t shout,
They prefer muffled voices.

No, you shouldn’t fear them.
Just obey!
Don’t say ‘No’,
It’s their birthright!

No, it’s your fault,
Your dress portrayed your character.
No, it’s your fault,
You shouldn’t have been born.


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