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IWW eJournal May 2014

iww eJournal 2014- Issue No.29, May 2014

Once again we warmly welcome our contributors to the current issue of IWW eJournal. They have become valued members of the writing community of IWW, which is taking rapid strides in giving voice to the new talents.  We do hope the relationship will be constructive and lasting and they will continue to contribute.

All of us who can think and who can wield the pen (or pound the keyboard) are potential writers. Therefore, we invite all the readers of IWW to nudge their creative selves and produce stories.

IWW will continue to provide useful information to the emerging writers about the avenues to get published and for honing their writing skills.

Read, enjoy, and comment on the contributions in the present issue.

Happy reading

Editorial Team

Contents of this Issue

Short Stories


Planned Vengeance

Glass Bangles

Short Cut


Nuclear Winter

Plea for Mercy


Laff, laff

As you Say

Amusing nicknames

Two popular days observed

The One Above

A Homage to Mother 

Book Review 

And She Waited 60 Years 

Music Review

Bade Ghulam Ali


A Marvelous Time at Somerset


Most Read pages in April