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Just Goodnight...

by Maria Isabel Cecilia Pascual
(Manila, Philippines)

With one swift my love...

I shall hold thy weeping heart close to me

The distance might be unbearable

But at night as you glance in the sky above

You can see my reflection

On the bright shining moon

As its golden light dances

In my eyes glistening with tears

Looking as far as it could see

To have a glipmse of you

Even if only tonight...

Just one last look my love

Just one last look...

Before the sun rises again

And bring this magical night

To an end and erase

This one moment we have


Sometime soon

That *time* will come

When the sun and the moon

Could meet without ending

Be as one like human hearts

Forged by love, fate and faith

Then I shall be there & await thee

Until then dearest heart

Close your eyes and weep no more

Let sleep carry you away

Into a place where my heart is

And dream beautiful dreams

No goodbyes...

Just goodnight!

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Sep 15, 2011
feeling ...
by: isabel

Dear Vimala,

Thank you...

was feeling enamored
after waking up
from a wondrous dream
wanted to sing a love song
from deep deep within
so i made this song/poem
to express how great--love is
despite its intricacies.

how i wish i could sing
like a nightingale
then i shall sing this song
again and again
as the moon rises
and lit the night sky

It's nice to sit alone
by this paned glass window
look outside to drink and witness
the world in its quietened state
breathing softly and asleep at last!

Sep 15, 2011
by: vimala

Beautiful, Isabel.

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