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Kharda (Chutney)

by Pallavi Padhye
(Pune, India)

A very spicy and tasty chutney,easy to make.This recipe of chutney actually I learnt from my maid.Yes,what a brilliant cook she is and has lots of tips for cooking.
So here's Parvati Tai special "kharda".

Ingredients required :

5-6 Green Chillies (depends on how much spicy you like).
7-8 pods Garlic.
2 Medium sized Tomatoes cut in medium pieces.
Salt to taste.
1 table spoon Oil.
Mustard seeds. (Raai)

Method of Preparation :

Heat oil (requires very less oil) in a pan. Add little bit of mustard seeds. Allow it to sputter. Add green chillies and garlic. Cook it on medium flame. Once the chillie and garlic mixture softens add tomatoes and salt. Keep it for cooking and stir in between. After some time you will notice the mixture softens. Remove it from flame. With the help of a steel glass or a bowl, crush the mixture into a fine paste while it is still hot. Your Kharda is ready to serve.

Have it with steaming hot Khichdi or daal rice or experiment it with bread.:)


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