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Kitchu's Birthday Present

by Lakshmi Menon
(Bangalore, India)

There was a mother dog with her four puppies. They stayed in the veranda of an outhouse. The puppies were just two weeks old. They played together merrily and when they were hungry the mother dog gave them milk.

One day, two girls came to see the puppies. The younger girl’s name was Renu. Seeing the four puppies, Renu was very excited and began to play with them.

“Do you want to take one of them?” asked the elder girl seeing her little sister’s happiness.
“I love these puppies. How sweet they are!” said the younger one.
“Then take one of them. We will take the puppy home.”
"Really?" Renu couldn't believe her older sister.
The older girl nodded at her little sister.

Renu was thrilled to choose one of them. She opted for the brown puppy, which allowed her to fondle with.
“My sweet little puppy, I love you a lot.” Renu hugged the puppy and said,” I’m taking you home. Will you come with me?”

Mother dog looked at Renu with sad eyes. Seeing this, Renu said, "Don’t worry, mother dog. I’ll look after your kid with lots of love. He will not have any problem in our home. I promise you.”

Renu carried the brown puppy and went home.

The next day, a tall, beard man with his little son came to see the puppies. The boy’s name was Kitchu. He was very happy to see the puppies and played with them for a while, and then said, “Papa, I love these puppies and can I take one of them home with us?”

Kitchu’s father smiled glancing at his son.
“Son, these puppies are too small. You cannot take care of them. They need to be with their mama dog for milk. They can’t eat anything else now,” said his father.

“I will look after the puppy well, Dad. I’ll give him milk when he is hungry,” Kitchu said pampering one of the puppies.
“Ok, son. You can take whichever you like,” said Kitchu’s father.

Kitchu took one of the puppies which had a black dot on his white body.
The mother dog was not happy to give away another puppy. She looked sad.

“Don’t worry, mother dog. I will take care of your puppy with lots of love and he will be very happy with me,” said Kitchu and pampered the puppy. He carried the puppy and went away with his father.

When he sat in the car with the puppy Kitchu’s father pampered his son.
“Son, tomorrow is your birthday. This puppy is your birthday present. You must take care of him very well. Otherwise he will be very sad and may feel that he is missing his family. Remember that.”

“No papa, I will not make him feel sad. I will feed him and play with him,” said Kitchu . The puppy sat with him quietly.

“What are you going to call him?” asked Kitchu’s father.
Kitchu thought for a moment, and then said, “I will call him Brown.”

The next day was Kitchu’s birthday. Kitchu’s friends were also very happy to see the puppy. Brown played with them.

Kitchu received many gifts from his friends for his birthday.

“You’re my best gift. Nothing is better than you, my sweet little friend.” He hugged Brown and fondled him.

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